Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?

We can shop online to our heart's content; buying things we don’t need in the middle of the night while watching an egregious amount of cat videos. Now you can even buy made to measure blinds online – wherever and whenever you choose!

But that raises a bit of an issue for us, being a made to measure product means that everything we send you is bespoke, unique and made just for you. So what do you do when we labour hard making the blind you want from the fabric you chose, but when it arrives it just doesn’t feel…right? We think we should nip that particular issue in the bud with a simple yet elegant solution; FREE SAMPLES FOR ALL.

“Try before you buy” or “See before you blind”

Yep, that’s right, we will send you as many free samples as you like in the post, and not just any post; 1st class post. This is so you can see the fabrics in the context of your home before you buy. We really like to push this as it’s a great way for you to see all of our designs while making sure the bright yellow blind you order won’t clash with your beige walls (spoiler alert; it will, awfully). We hate seeing anyone unhappy, which is why we will send out upto 20 samples for you find the right colour for you. Think of us as Costco and you have arrived really hungry.

We feel free samples are an important part of our business, blinds play a huge role in dictating the vibe of a room. We know that you are busy watching cat videos and you don’t want to spend a lot of time deliberating, but we feel this is the best way to save time and effort, would you rather wait an extra day for your sample or spend your time being annoyed later that you rushed to make the wrong decision. 

Our blinds all come with a 4-year guarantee, so you’re going to have them for a while; Spend the time choosing the right colour and style before committing to your final choice. With our next day delivery promise, what’s an extra day’s wait when this decision will be echoing for months to come.

Ordering samples is super easy either on the category landing page or on the product page directly - just click the 'Free Sample' button to add it to your basket, checkout, and we'll do the rest.

You can order over our web chat or just give us a good old-fashioned call on the telephone on 0800 368 8441. We promise to send them out on the same day (before 5pm) to be with you the next working day. This means there is less time spent deliberating over what shade looks best online so you can get back to watching cats being hilarious little jerks. If you need help in that department. Shop all blinds here.