We There's something special about wooden venetian blinds, to us they are timeless, classy and finish off almost any room perfectly. They also seem to be covering the vast majority of windows at the moment, go and have a look down your street and we bet you'll see some, and this trend isn’t stopping anytime soon.

But what sets our wooden blinds apart from the rest of the competition? And why are they so popular? Let’s start with the popularity question first!

If you’ve been paying attention to people’s windows, you might have seen a rise in the popularity of shutters across your town too. Whilst these look fantastic in your window, they can be a bit on the pricey side of things, and you need a window, and room, that’ll be able to support such a bold statement, like for example to use these blinds in the living room. The nice thing about wooden blinds is that they will help to give you the look of plantation shutters, but at a fraction of the cost and come in a much wider range of colours and options.

With 3 sizes of slats available, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm, and the option to choose them with or without tapes, you’ll be able to customize these blinds as you please to make them look oh so perfect in your home. Our made to measure Wooden Venetian blinds come in a wide range of light and dark woods, cream, grey, white and black coloured slats and each can be paired with colour-coordinated coloured tapes running the length of the blind. We have gone on without you and put our preferred tape colour with each blind, however, you can choose from any of the options that take your fancy.

To make sure we’re keeping everything nice and simple, we’ve gone to great lengths to turn this article into a quick, and highly interesting video about our wooden blinds. So if you don’t fancy reading anymore, just hit play below and let us do the talking.

Why Choose Wooden Venetian Blinds?

Generally speaking, one of the main reasons people look to install something over their window is to give themselves privacy at home from nosy neighbours. Once you’ve made that all-important decision it’s onto the next part. So would you benefit from a wooden blind over say, a roller blind? 

Privacy –With Venetian blinds you are able to control the light entering your room with just the pull of a cord. This is great when you need a bit of privacy, or you just want to stop the sun reflecting off the TV (we’ve all been there). With Venetian blinds, you can simply angle the slats up or down to still allow light in, and if you twist them just far enough you’re able to stop people being able to see in, but at the same time let the light into your home. This is great if you have a window right next to a pavement or is overlooked. It means you can have your light, and privacy too – kind of like having your cake and eating it too, but just not as tasty.

Timeless – The stylish 50mm wide slats, especially when paired with tapes, look fantastic in windows of any size, and look amazing in bay windows. These blinds give a plantation shutter look, but without the cost. Opt for a true white colour to really give the shutter look to your room. These will smarten your home from both inside and outside, adding some serious curb appeal to your windows and home.

Made to measure – Being made to measure means that you can get the perfect sized blinds without worry. Simply measure the size of your window (we have another brilliant video here), order your blind online and then install once it arrives. We love blinds, like really love blinds and so here at Make My Blinds, we focus solely on making the measure, buying and install process as simple as possible for all. So when you buy with us you can rest assured that we make buying made to measure blinds simple. The benefit of choosing our service over shop bought ones is that you don’t have to do anything to the blind. If you buy from a larger DIY retailer, then be prepared to take a hacksaw to your brand new blind to cut it to the size required -often leading to splintered ends on wooden Venetian blinds. 

If we’re chopping something down, then we need to make sure it’s sustainable – that’s why all of our Basswood comes from sustainable sources.

So what makes ours special?

To the untrained eye, you would be forgiven in thinking a wooden blind is just a wooden blind, but oh no, not to us. Let us take your hand and guide you through the different things to be on the lookout for when making your decision.

Firstly, all of our real wooden blinds are made from kiln-dried basswood from sustainable sources, yay! We have found that Basswood It is the perfect wood to make blinds from because it is light, durable, doesn’t’ have too many knots or imperfections and makes a really good blind! What’s more is that we can make real wood blinds up to 2400mm wide and 3000mm long (3000mm drop is only up to a certain width due to weight). And all of our blinds come with 2 types of brackets and any middle supports required.

We also supply a beautiful matching fascia pelmet, colour coded to match your slat colour perfectly. This is always slightly longer than the blinds top section, but will still fit within a window recess, but again if you need something specific please just let us know. All of our blinds are cut down from a longer section of wood, so as standard the slat ends will show the real wood underneath. We don’t repaint or restrain the ends as the real wood is a great touch and if installed within a recess these ends are hidden from view. As an optional extra you can request stained ends, please check out the advanced options on the product page.

How to measure for your new wooden Venetian blind

On the right here we have our helpful little video on how to measure for your new wooden Venetian blinds. You’ll be a pro at measuring once you’ve seen this and can order in confidence. Always remember to use the smallest measurement, and measure twice just to be certain!

“Wooden Venetians give the look of shutters but at a fraction of the cost – easy to install and can make a room look amazing in minutes”

How to install your wooden Venetian blind

And below, we have our helpful video on how to install your new wooden Venetian blinds. As always we provide a full set of instructions with each blind sold, but watching a video is always that little bit easier and simple.

This gives you the flexibility over what brackets you prefer. In the video, we show the swivel brackets (they are our favorite because of their simplicity) but the end brackets do just as good a job.

We like to think we go that extra mile

 By using basswood the natural grain comes through when stained, as each slat is unique the grain will vary and alter across the blind. Our quality control team makes sure that any knots are removed that would affect the edge or end of the slat and are all dedicated to making the very best wooden blinds on the market. Every blind is made by hand and signed off by one of our highly skilled production team, and to top it all off, everything we sell comes with our 4-year guarantee.


Real wooden blinds are best installed in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. But if looking to install into a bathroom then fear not, for the bathroom we recommend opting for our Faux Wood range. These look like real wood, have a wood grain to them but won’t warp in the heat or humidity, and will never ever absorb water. If you like the look of wooden blinds, but do need them in a bathroom then we have a whole page showcasing all of our bathroom wooden blinds.

So wait, what are faux wood blinds?

Faux wood, impression blinds, wood effect blinds – they’re known by a few different names but it all boils down to one thing. These are blinds made from a composite PVC to look like real wood, but because they are made from PVC they are water resistant, still give the same great look to your window but can also be made upto 260cm wide. If you’re looking for a blind for a bathroom or above the kitchen sink and are worried about humidity and water affecting your blinds, then these are the ones for you. Available in a range of whites, greys, creams and some real wood tones, these are ideal if you’re looking for a plain coloured Venetian in your window.

As with all of our blinds we offer a free sample service, if there are any that you would like to see and feel before ordering, please just order a sample and we will whisk it over to you by first class post with good old Royal Mail. If you have any questions about our wooden blinds or just fancy a chat please give us a call on 0800 368 8441 and our blind experts can help answer any and all questions you throw at them.