Vertical Blinds are a great way to cover a large window and take control over the light entering your home. But with vertical blinds you need to decide if you would like the vanes (the technical name for the vertical strips of fabric) to stack on the left side, right side or split in the middle and bunch evenly on each side. This customisation option is especially useful if your doors open a certain way or if the windows and room lend itself to a certain layout.

With this in mind, there is a certain amount of fabric that will end up at the side of your window. We’ve put together this handy table so you can see exactly how much fabric will be at the side of your window when the blind is opened and pulled back. This is what we call the stack width on a vertical blind, and by bearing this in mind you’ll be able to see which stack side works best for your home.

Blind Width upto 100cm - Stack depth 10cm 

Blind Width upto 150cm - Stack depth 15cm 

Blind Width upto 200cm - Stack depth 20cm 

Blind Width upto 300cm - Stack depth 30cm 

This is a guide and depending on how close you install the blind to the wall will make a small difference to the stack width. Also, if you choose to install the blinds and have them split down the middle, bunching on either sides, then you’ll need to halve the stack width given above and that’ll be how much fabric is on either side of the blind. If you choose to have the vanes stack on the left and right, you can still choose to have the controls on the left or the right.

If you’ve got any other questions please just let us know, we have loads more guides and articles about our vertical blinds, and with blackout, dimout and waterproof fabrics available you’ll be able to find the perfect vertical blind for you.