You've just moved into your new place and you have a brief opportunity to capture the moment before the chaos descends. You want to show your home off in the best way possible, and the best way to do this is through the power of social media. With these easy to follow tips and tricks, we will have your home looking as instagram-mable as the Eiffel tower!


Take a few pictures

Okay, maybe we are stating the obvious here but no one wants to see a picture where you've thought 'that'll do'. Invest your money in a tripod, experiment with a few different angles, take multiple pictures and ask your friends which is best.

Once you find an angle you like you can start your 'feng shui'. Move your tables, lamps and your magazines into the right positions. This again can be a great opportunity to use a tripod or a little marker on the floor, so when you are running around getting everything just right you don't lose your place. If the picture doesn't look right, guess what, change the angle or the layout and try again.


Use Low shots

Taking a photo at a lower angle can give the illusion of more space. You also get a nice stretched floor giving the appearance of a show home. Unless you are taking an image of a unique feature of the room a low shot allows wider visibility and makes your shoot look more professional.


Living Room Low Shot Image


Don't go too abstract

Okay, you probably aren't going to win photographer of the year (sorry to be the bearer of bad news) but you can take some really nice clear shots of your home. Going for strange angles and lots of editing can just look messy and very amateur. Trying to be 'quirky' with edits and lighting may work for you portrait pictures but people want to see your home and try to replicate or admire your style.


Wide angle lenses are a no!

Fisheye and wide angle lenses allow for you to fit more of the room in a shot, obviously, but that can hugely distort the look of the room. Any objects that close to the camera may appear larger and those in the distant can look tiny in comparison. This can really throw off a viewer of the photo, remember its just for a <3 not to be hung in an art gallery. But if you want to know how to get the right angles, check this guide out - Home Angles: Everything you need to know to make your home Instaworthy.

The right lighting

The lighting in the room dictates the atmosphere and mood. Using your camera flash to light up a whole room isn't going to work. Now I know what your thinking, strategically place lamps around the room and try cropping the image so they aren't visible; I've been there. Nothing beats natural lighting, simply raising your bedroom blind makes your home look inviting and the image totally natural. If you are really struggling then picking up some white box lights from Amazon is a great cheap alternative.


Capture detail and unique qualities

Your home is unique to you and people like seeing those little details and treats that make it special. By taking a photo of an original fireplace or a white wood flooring, you set your home apart. In addition, you get a little chance to show off those special qualities and hopefully inspire others to do the same... and who knows, maybe you'll be the next Mrs.Hinch with her Real Wood with Pearl Tape Blinds.


living room coffee table with multiple books on it in a blue and white theme


Don't be a one trick pony

We get it, you have a lovely lounge but there is only so many pictures you can take in one room before your viewers get bored. Mix it up, take a couple of different angle shots, use before and after shots or take an image at the front of the house. All these are going to help keep viewers engaged and provides a level of variety to your account.


Post consistently

There is nothing worse than following an account and they post great pictures and then suddenly nothing. Make a manageable schedule, maybe start posting twice a week and work from there. If you are using Pinterest, portrait images hold more space on the feed and are a great way to attract attention to your profile.


Order and Group your Images

Similar to Pinterest, grouping your images by hashtags or boards makes your profile a lot more user-friendly. Nothing looks cleaner than a 6 shot Instagram post that created one image. Not only will the viewer like each individual image but they appreciate the creativity you bring to room photography.


image of a neutral coloured kitchen split into 6 squares


It is up to you!

When all is said and done at the end of the day it is your home. You know your friends and family and maybe you don't want to be too fancy you just want to show how happy you are in your home. The number of photos I see on my Facebook feed of a happy family in amongst the chaos never sises to amaze me. There is something so humbling about those pictures a baby on the floor surrounded by toys and mess the image really captures a moment and a memory.

'People try so hard to capture a moment, they end up missing it'