What brought you to this page? Are you at your wits end with your living room? Does that darn sunlight stream in and glare off of the telly? Is there some weirdo walking past outside giving you the stink eye as you try to relax with a bit of Pointless? Are the blinds you already have getting old and tatty or just not up to the task? Well, whatever your issue, there is a solution!

You may be worried, getting a new window blind for your living room is kinda’ complicated and expensive, you don’t really need to do it right now surely? Well fear not because with our super simple guides you’ll be installing your new blinds in no time.


1. Think about privacy

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, we need to think of the needs of your room: What direction the window is facing, how much passing foot traffic is outside that you don’t want to peer in? These are all important aspects in picking the right blind.

Obviously, any blind that blocks light will also help keep out those prying eyes too. But what if you want to keep them out while still letting some light in? If you want clean, crisp light, then any Venetian Blind is a good shout, altering the slats in the right way will make them opaque to a viewer but permeable to light coming from above.

Alternatively, you are left with a voile fabric, which is almost sheer in nature and will block anything on their darker side. This means you get LOADS of light and almost total privacy during the day but be wary. At night, with your lights on, that will be reversed and everyone will be able to see you sat around watching TV. 


Front of the house with two wooden venetian blinds in the window


2. Match your style and think long term

Now everyone’s living room is totally different, they all come in different decors, light orientations, amount of privacy and little idiosyncrasies that we can’t account for, so, by all means, do not take what we say as gospel; if you know what is right for your room then buck the trend and do something outside the lines of convention. We just want to give you some ideas and get you thinking about some things you may not have considered.

Finding a blind that matches your décor and furniture. In the ideal world, we would get you to scrap your entire room and redo it to match our blinds but we know that can come off as a little unrealistic. So instead, just think really hard about the vibe you are trying to get from your living room and what furnishings and colours are already present in the space.

Try not to clutter your palette; 3 main colours max is generally a good rule of thumb. Blinds can be used as a great way to provide a focal point in a room, having a monochromatic scheme with a bold blind such as our Red Roller Blinds.

In your living room you are unlikely to have the same challenges as a bathroom or kitchen blind, spills, steam, damp etc... Therefore you want to think long term you don't replace your blind every year in fact we have a 4 year warranty on ours! So think about complimenting your room and don't just go for a spur of the moment decision or a 'Whats Hot' colour.  


3. Control your lighting

How much light do you want to allow into your room when the blind is deployed and how much do you need to control it? If you were to get a roller, vertical or roman blind with a blackout lining you don’t need to worry about any light whatsoever; when the blind is down then so too is the sun as far as you are aware. Wide slat Faux wooden Venetian Blinds are also great for this, as they are almost entirely blackout (except for a few gaps depending on the angle of the sun) and also allow for changing light conditions on demand.


4. Budget

Another thing to bear in mind is the window that the blind will be covering. Smaller windows are probably more suited to more luxurious blinds because a) smaller blinds are cheaper (shocker) so this is a great opportunity to splurge on something fancy and b) they allow you to turn a boring little window into a great focal point for the entire room. Why not have a look at our Roman Blinds?

Vertical blinds are fairly similar to rollers, in terms of price and transient properties, mostly because they largely share the same fabrics. Vertical blinds are perfect for biiiiiiiiiig windows, anything up to 5 metres is pretty easy for us. Their mechanism also gives you the ability to modulate light entering the room to a greater degree than a standard roller. 

Another solution if you are looking to save a pretty penny is to go for a Faux Wooden Blind rather than a Real Wooden blind. Although some may argue that a plastic blind may ruin a classic feel in all honestly it is quite difficult to tell the difference between the two! Faux wooden blinds are also waterproof and super easy to clean great if you have a little one that likes making a mess. 

If you have bifold doors or other awkwardly shaped windows that need a more nuanced approach then you can even check out perfect-fit and honeycomb blinds which we have written about Here.


vertical blinds in office with light shining through vanes


Why should you even think about getting Venetians?

A couple of reasons stand out. For the more frugal of you out there is the price; being cheaper than most other blinds apart from the cheapest rollers, Venetians are a great low-cost option to dress all your shamelessly naked windows. Another is the number of materials available to make them: the most common are Aluminium, which is cheap, light and impossible for Americans to pronounce. Or you’ve got wood/timber, which is classy, wider in the slat for greater light blocking ability and generally looks the business in your window. 


5. Combining blinds and curtains

As standard as you’re going to get and the staple of the blind world, roller blinds are the most versatile and popular type of blinds in the UK. This isn’t without reason; they have a lot of properties that endear them to the public. Most importantly, they are versatile. Coming in a staggeringly large variety of colours from intense, red roller blinds to soft blues and yellows, you will be able to find the perfect blind for your living room. Another factor that makes them so loveable is their ease of installation. All it takes is four screws, 10 minutes and a very basic level of competence to install them.

The voile Roller Blinds offer up a great option for experimenting with both blinds and curtains. Placing a voile in your window allows for privacy and light in the day and at night a simple draw of the curtains will stop anyone from peering in!  


6. Shutters

While we are on the topic of slat-based blinds, I just want to quickly mention shutters. While not technically a blind, they have many of the advantages of wooden Venetians – Easy to clean, great at moderating light and they look just absolutely brilliant inside and out. 

Shutters are also amazing at helping trap heat in during the winter and keeping your home cool in the summer, but what they are also good at keeping out is unwanted guests. Anyone trying to break through your window will have a wooden gate that, while not impervious, still creates an annoying and noisy barrier that they will struggle to get past.


7. Our Choice

Okay, okay it's not strictly a tip but we would feel so guilty if you came to the end of this blog and we hadn't given you a great starting place to begin your search. We are a fan of the classics, without having the need for those waterproof features and with great light control we have to recommend our Real Wooden Venetians. With the ability to add tapes on all our Real Wood Venetians you can be sure to make your blind a real focal point in the living room.


dog on rug in front of three large windows that have white wooden venetian blinds covering them