You've come to the right place... being an online retailer we pass all our savings on to you. You don't have to pay for our vans and showroom which allows us to give you up to 70% off high street prices! Helping us give you cheaper blinds.

However, we understand you may be shopping on a budget if you are planning a whole house renovation luckily we've got a list of how you can reduce your costs. Starting with buying blinds online from us!

Just because you are after cheap blinds doesn't mean you should compromise on quality. It has always been our mission to make great quality blinds in the shortest time possible and at a more than affordable price. 

blinds around office desk in a venetian style


Faux Woods

Our Faux Wooden Venetian Blinds are a great alternative to their Real Wood counterparts. Okay so they still aren't dirt-cheap (because they are still a high-quality product) but they are still a cheaper blind alternative and come with a few advantages. Firstly we can make Faux Wooden Blinds up to 260cm wide, they are 100% waterproof and have a wipe clean surface. Made out of PVC plastic they give the illusion of Real Wooden blinds and can be used as Bathroom Blinds or in the kitchen.


Perfect Fit Blinds

Now these blinds are designed for uPVC doors and windows and are a great option for Kitchen Blinds. But it's not just uPVC windows where you can put them any window that meets our Perfect Fit blind measuring Criteria can have one of these blinds on. Like the Aluminium Venetian blinds Perfect Fit blinds are a cheaper alternative to the wooden blinds discussed earlier. For more information on Perfect Fit Blinds check out our What are Perfect Fit blinds? article. 



Vertical Blinds

These blinds can be made up to 5m with a 4.5m drop. Now only that but our Vertical Blinds come in a huge range of fabrics from waterproof to blackout, and are a cost-effective way to cover larger windows. Our thinking behind putting vertical blinds on this list is that if you have a large window you can cover it with one vertical blind and not 2 or 3 wooden blinds!

 vertical blinds around an office set up

Bay Windows

Okay so not a style of blind but we've been thinking. If you've got bay windows measuring for a blind can be a real pain. They there's the cost you're either paying for 2, 3 or even 4 blinds or a custom head rail and trust us these aren't cheap. If you are willing to install on top of the recess you can limit the amount of blinds you need! That means one blind dropping down to the window sill is going to give you complete privacy for a budget price.


In Summary

Shopping for blinds doesn't need to be expensive. We have discussed options such as using faux and not real wood, covering bay windows with one blind not three and your ability to be flexible with choice. What we give you that very few other retailers will is a one stop shop. We have all different types of blinds available from Roller Blinds, Roman blinds, Perfect Fit blinds to Vertical blinds all with up to 70% off high street prices. Our mission is to make great quality blinds at an affordable price.