After much internal struggle and cost-benefit-analysis of whether to go Venetian, Roller or Vertical, you’ve finally laid down the proverbial fist - and Roller Blinds, it is.

We get it, you’re here looking for roller blinds but want to be sure that the ones you’re looking at are going to be the very best for your home and window. And that’s great, so to help you on your way to finding exactly what you’re looking for, we’ve put together our 10 most commonly asked roller blind related questions.

Will roller blinds keep heat in?

In short yes, any lining in the window will help keep heat in a room as it does provide a form of installation. Buying a blackout or waterproof blind will also increase the thickness of the fabric further improving the thermal properties. As of yet we do not sell thermal lined roller blinds however we do offer this feature on both our Roman and conservatory blinds.

Can roller blinds be fitted outside the recess?

Absolutely, our roller blinds come with universal brackets that can be installed to the top or side of the recess. In addition we provide face fix brackets so our roller blinds can be installed outside of the recess; or if needed you can fix our roller blinds to the ceiling.

What are double roller blinds?

Double roller blinds commonly referred to as: day and night blinds or zebra blinds are dual fabric blinds. They are patterned in thick horizontal stripes alternating a semi transparent (voile fabric) and a darker coloured fabric.

day and night black and white roller blind

Which way should a roller blind face?

Roller blinds as standard tend to roll down towards the glass, this is known as a standard roll. However the direction of the roll is up to personal choice. A reverse roll occurs when the roller blind is installed so the blind rolls down towards the room.

What fabric are roller blinds made from?

There are a variety of different roller blind fabrics, the most common fabric being polyester with additional layers being added for a blackout property. Waterproof roller blinds are usually made from PVC plastic. With the recent introduction of thermal lining cotton roller blinds are becoming more popular.

We have 4 different fabrics available for you to chose from:

  • Burst range:

When scrolling through the first page, you’ll see a burst of colours: greens and blues and purples and…oranges? These are our aptly-named Burst range, our largest selection of fabrics that are as close to standard as you will get.The Burst is a dimout fabric, and therefore it allows light into a room whilst deterring the glare. Standard, right? Correct. If you’re looking for a roller blind for a summery living room or a study that needs privacy but thirsts for natural light, then the Burst is the fabric for you.

  • Amor Range:

It’s no coincidence that, directly translated into Spanish, Amor means Love, because it’s the most lavish, opulent fabric that we supply. You can go bold and get a Rose red Amor roller blind for the bedroom or kitchen.The Amor is a blackout fabric (the clues in the name) and therefore, we generally suggest this for bedrooms or any area that needs a level of darkness in the lighter months.

red roller blinds in a living room

  • Kerry Range:

The most similar in feature to the Amor above, is also a blackout fabric – albeit a little dearer. Re-designing a spare room, or perhaps the faded blue of your old nursery blind, needs an update? The Kerry is a good choice if you’re looking for a high quality blackout fabric at a good price.

  • Gibson Range:

Unlike the trio of fabrics above, all made of 100% polyester, the Gibson stands proud in PVC. It’s another blackout fabric, but one that packs-a-punch in the sense that it’s a completely waterproof blind. So, if you’ve been seeking a bathroom blind, or a blind above the kitchen sink, then the Gibson is the fabric for you.

How can I clean my roller blinds?

Firstly never iron your roller blinds or use chemicals to clean them. This will distort the colour and in most cases permanently damage the blinds. For cleaning your roller blinds we recommend dabbing the blind with a wet cloth and gently vacuuming the blind with the hoover hose.

black roller blind rolled up in window frame

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

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