Working perfectly in monochromatic and poly-chromatic schemes this blind is now the most sort after blind of 2019. Our made to measure White Wooden Blinds guarantee you a gorgeous window covering at an affordable price. But price shouldn't be the only reason when you come to order a new blind for your window. After all, these aren't throw-away fasion products, no no no, these are a statement peice for your home that will be there for a good number of years. So it's important to choose something that will last for a few years (and look good at the same time). 

To summarise your options: You have four choices Faux or Real Wood and those with or without tapes. In this article we breakdown the pro's and con's of each right below.

Your options 

White Faux Wood Blinds:

White Faux Wood blinds are brilliant for the kitchen or bathroom they are 100% waterproof and come with the option of 50mm or 35mm slats. Not surprisingly, we have several shades of white for you to choose from. We have grain effect slats, gloss slats and plain slats trying to cover all the basics to give you as many different whites and off whites as possible. Forget 50 shades of grey we are giving you 50 shades of white!

white wooden venetian blind open wood slat

These blinds are great for both bathroom and kitchen blinds. One thing to keep in mind is although the slats are waterproof if you have cotton tapes these are not and they can stain over time if they are constantly soaked, left to dry, and then soaked again. White wooden Venetian blinds are a real show of sophistication and class and can be seen in homes on almost every street in the country. 

If you're struggling for inspiration why not head over to our Instagram for a helping hand. We only use real pictures taken by real people and they are wayyy better at showcasing our blinds than we are! 



White Real Wood Blinds:

We never want to overlook our Real Wooden Blinds. These Venetian blinds although not waterproof there is an unmatched charm these blinds can bring to a room. We often see these paired with our Voile Roller Blinds giving additional light and privacy control. The luxury of a real wooden blind shouldn't put you off, we have a price for all budget and a colour to suit all interiors. 



Although not a complete blackout blind these blinds are perfect for the bedroom the closed slats only allow between 3 - 7% of light through so you'll have no problem getting to sleep. The softer sleepers among us may need something a bit thicker and that offers better coverage, so for that, we recommend using a blackout roller blind instead. 

But these blinds are stylish in any window in your home otherwise. 

Another advantage of the Real Wood Blinds is the control option. We offer full customisation on our Real Wood blinds to allow you to pick both the tilt control and the raise and lower cord side. With the Faux wooden blinds, you are limited to having a fixed set of controls, which is fine for most but we understand there are times you want them in a different layout. 

Finally, there is a quality advantage. Our wood for our wooden blinds is only sourced from ethically sustainable environments. They are then handcrafted by our experts to ensure that the quality is at the highest level from start to finish. These blinds have a 4-year warranty but the quality is timeless. Being named in 1798, the Venetian Blind has a rich history and one we do great credit to.  


 Tapes or Not?

We have a huge range of tapes you can choose from whether it be a simple Cloud or Lilly tape or a contrasting Noir tape we are sure you can find your perfect blind with us. Purchasing White Wooden Blinds with Tapes is a great way to provide vibrancy to a monochromatic scheme and the vertical tapes do a great job breaking up the horizontal slats on larger blinds. 

The tapes are purely for decorative and are used to cover the internal braids (cords). They are pieces of cotton that look great just bear in mind you will be around 10% more for a blind with tapes. Then again you have to consider the savings you'll be making by buying your blinds with us.

The tapes are very much a personal option, but be aware that if you order them with tapes, or likewise, without tapes - you can't just add them or remove them later. This is because the tapes are an integral part of how the blinds are made and help with the functionality of the blind. 

We aren't going to tell you what to do but check out our Everything you need on: Blind Tapes to help you make your decision.