Have you just moved in? Or maybe you're just replacing those old worn blinds or curtains. But wherever you are in terms of home and decorating, it's the start of a really exciting journey! With lots of blinds types to choose from and hundreds of fabrics and thousands of colours, it all starts with one choice... whether to go for made to measure blinds or those Ikea or Argos pre-made blinds.

Both made to measure and pre-cut blinds have advantages to consider. Blinds aren't something you change every day so we always advise you make your decision with your future in mind... plus our blinds have a 4 year warranty.


Made to Measure - Custom Blinds

Our blinds are not straight of the shelf. Oh no, all of our blinds are made to measure, specifically made for your window/door in your home. You can achieve the look, style and most importantly light control you really want. So that's wooden blinds, Roman blinds, roller blinds, aluminium blinds and more that are all made specifically for your window. 

white living from with fire place surrounded by a sofa and chairs


This means a couple of important things.1. You make the choices. It's you who selects the colour, the style and the size. Not only that but with unlimited free samples you can really feel like you are in control of the decision. You can find your own unique blind of your dreams and colour mix and match to your heart's content.

Made to measure blinds do have a small lead time. Precise measurements are required to achieve the right fit; the blinds must then be produced to the correct specification. Aside from a better fit and better quality combined with a much better warranty, made to measure blinds are renowned for being an overall better product.


Pre-made Blinds

Pre-made blinds are usually made overseas at a low cost, designed to offer convenience. They are a cheaper alternative to the made to measure blinds. There is no need for precise measurements, or for the time required to cut and prepare custom blinds. These pre-cut blinds come already measured in a limited selection of sizes and styles, and can be installed quickly by those who know how.

What you'll find is that you're limited in size, as you can only choose what the shop has on the shelves at the time, and in the colours or pattern that they offer. This does make it somewhat limited when you come to buy. 

Along with that, you'll also find the following things to be true:

  1. You may find your windows do not precisely conform to the sizes offered.
  2. The styles and materials available to you may not be to your liking and are limited.
  3. You may find yourself needing to compromise on the look you hoped to achieve for your room.
  4. Warranties are also traditionally shorter than made to measure blinds - especially as you'll have cut the blind to size. 


Vertical blinds in white across a patio door


 We are biased but...

Hopefully reading this you have a slight hunch as to which blinds we think are better. Of course made-to-measure products are going to give you a wider selection of styles and colours in addition to a better fit to your window but that's not the only reason they are better. All our blinds are custom made to the highest quality and we offer a 4-year warranty we like to think of our blinds as blinds for life and we give you a level of customer service you cannot find elsewhere. 

In summary, if you're looking for something that fits right first time, gives you a greater range of colours and saves you time and hassle by not having to cut your brand new blind down to size, then for us - buying a blind from us online is a no brainer. We're not saying you shouldn't buy a blind off the shelf, but more often than not, buying one online will be much, much easier.