Our new perfect fit blind comes with everything you need to install! With no drilling required these blinds are straightforward and easy to fit. Just follow the instructions below, check out the videos and grab your tools. In the box you'll find - your Perfect Fit blind attached to the top part of the frame, a matching width bottom part of the frame, and two side channels. 

The screws required will already be screwed into place, but will need slacking off before clipping the frame together. 

All you will need to install your Perfect Fit Blind is a Philips (crosshead, X) screwdriver. And possibly some washing up liquid to make inserting the brackets easier. 

The frame itself will need to be screwed together and this is best done by laying the 4 pieces of the frame flat on the floor. Hint: Lay the famr out on some carpet or on the box they arrived in to prevent scratching the frame. Check the frame for any dents and scratches be sure there aren't any screws missing.

Right lets get started, don't worry we'll talk you through it step by step!

Step 1:

Lay the 4 pieces of the perfect fit frame flat on the ground. So with the top part of the frame at the top, the bottom part at the bottom and then the two side channels. You want to be sure the tension cord runs on the inside of the frame on the sides, through the bottom of the slats at the top of the frame and around the outside of the frame on the bottom. See below.

perfect fit frame with tension cord running along the outside 

Step 2:

The next part is actually simple. With the frame laid out correctly, you'll need to clip the frame together. Make sure there aren't any screws missing these can sometimes be loose in the box.


2 pieces of a perfect frame being put together


There are many reasons why a Perfect Fit blind is called a 'Perfect Fit' and one of those is that the frame slots together easier than LEGO. Shown below. 


corner of a perfect fit frame


Step 3:

Go ahead and make sure none of those pieces are going anywhere by tightening the screws around the frame. Check to make sure the cords are inside the frame, and not caught where the frame connects together as this will prevent the blinds from operating. 


perfect fit frame being screwed together


Step 4:

You're almost there so Have a break, have a Kit-Kat, you deserve it! With our more in-depth guide How to install your Perfect Fit Blinds page you'll be done in no time. There's even a video to show you the full process. 

 All you need to do now is insert the brackets into the space between the rubber beading and the glass, and once those are done, simply clip your frame onto the brackets to cover your window. Once this is done, you can move the blind up and down manually - and you'll need to clip the wand onto the hook on the top of the frame, to allow you to angle the slats

Tensioning the Blind

You may find that the blind when delivered is not quite tight or taught enough to keep the blind in the position you require. This is a simple fit and will only require you to have a flat head screwdriver to hand.

At the bottom of the blind, under the bottom rail is the cord, and a spring mechanism and a metal clip with 2 screws in it. This is where the blinds are tensioned.

Step 1. Locate this component (shown below) and have your screwdriver to hand.

Step 2. Loosen the screws to the right of the spring mechanism, this should only be one full turn for each– do not remove the screws from the clip.

Step 3. You’ll see where the cord goes into the mechanism, and the lose ‘tail’ end of the cord. Hold this, and once the screw has been loosened off, pull this cord towards you to increase the tension on the blind. You’ll only need to pull through a few centimetres of the cord to increase the tension.

Step 4. Once done, tighten the screws to secure the cord in place and the new tension on the blind.

Step 5. Check how the blind raises and lowers, and see if you need to loosen or increase the tension further on this blind. Tighten the screw up fully to prevent the blind and the cord from slacking. You may need to periodically tighten this blind as the cord will stretch very slightly over time.

Need more help?

If the above didn't quite help enough then to make it even easier for you we have a short video below too showing just how easy it is to install these blinds. We also have a full article all about our Perfect Fit blinds here.