Because Perfect Fit blinds clip directly to your window, rather than to the wall or ceiling, measurements are taken from the pane itself. Additionally, you need to supply the frame depth to ensure you get the right size of bracket - Perfect Fits are a type of inside mount blind, which makes measuring the depth important.

Before you begin, it's important to do the two-minute check to ensure your window is compatible with the Perfect Fit system. Below we've detailed exactly how to measure windows for Perfect Fit blinds, but if you prefer video instruction look to our guide at the bottom of the page. If you're still unsure about measuring for Perfect Fit blinds, hop onto our Live Chat or give us a call, or email to speak to one of our friendly Customer Loyalty Team, who will be happy to help.

The Perfect Fit two-minute compatibility check

Most UPVC windows will work with the Perfect Fit system, but there are a couple of things that might stop a window from complying. Use our quick checklist to ensure sure your windows are suitable

1) Are your windows UPVC? Perfect Fit blinds are designed to fit UPVC glazed windows. Unfortunately, they are not intended for installation on wooden windows.

2)Do your windows have internal rubber beading that protrudes less than 6mm? The brackets that hold Perfect Fit blinds slide in between the window pane and the rubber beading (also known as a rubber seal or neoprene gasket). Because of this, beading must be on the inside of the window. Due to the bracket size the rubber must protrude less than 6mm.

3) Are your window frames 'sloped' towards the pane? To install correctly, your window frame needs to have either a curved or diagonally inclined frame, such as those shown here. Perfect Fit blinds do not suit windows with square frames.

4) Do your windows have 25mm clearance? 'Clearance' refers to the empty space around the window, which needs to be free of obstructions. Perfect Fit blinds are set flush to your window, and the 25mm measurement ensures there is enough space for them to be installed. When checking window handles, make sure the clearance requirement is also reached when the locking mechanism is open.

5) Is your window depth between 15-30mm? Do a quick check of your window depth by positioning a credit card over one corner of the frame, and then measuring from the pane to the frame. You might want to write this measurement down as you'll need it when ordering your Perfect Fits.

How to measure windows for Perfect Fit blinds

Measuring for Perfect Fit blinds is easy, and shouldn't take more than a few minutes. The main thing to remember is to measure each of your windows separately, even if they appear to be the same size. All you need is a tape measure, pen and paper, and credit card.

1) Check your window is Perfect Fit compatible Use our two-minute compatibility check above to ensure your window is suitable for this clip-on system.

2) Measure the width and drop Perfect Fit blinds' width and drop measurements are taken from the visible glass, on the interior of the window. This means your measurements are taken between the beads, excluding the space taken up by the rubber beading. As sometimes windows are not set or beaded perfectly square, take each measurement three times (so for the width, measure the top, middle and bottom of the pane). Note down the smallest size, for both the width and the drop - this will be the fitting size.

3) Measure the window depth Next you'll need to measure the depth of the window. Angle a credit card diagonally over the corner of your window frame and measure between this and the glass pane. On our site we list four depth categories - 15-18mm, 19-21mm, 22-26mm and 27-30mm. This will affect which bracket you are sent for installing your blind. Measure each window individually. 

How to measure for Perfect Fit venetian blinds

Measuring for Perfect Fit venetian blinds is exactly the same as sizing up for the other blind styles, but with the addition of the control wand to consider. The control wand angles the slats when twisted, to control light flow. It can be placed on either the left or right side of the blind when you order. When noting down your pane measurements for the venetian blinds, do an additional check and write down the best side to feature the control wand, taking into account room furniture and layout. You might want to place the wand within reach of your chair, so you can adjust the light while seated, or you might want to ensure it doesn't end up in a difficult-to-reach spot such as behind large furniture.

Made to measure Perfect Fit blinds

Our blinds are custom made to fit your exact window size. Once you've input the measurements for your Perfect Fit blinds, we can tailor make them to your window's exact specification, then post them out, ready to be clipped in. Perfect Fits are some of the easiest blind styles to fit - see our guide on how to fit Perfect Fit blinds for a walkthrough of the installation process. As their casing is designed to look like part of the window frame they give your room a streamlined look that many people love. Don't forget that you can order a free sample too, so you can check the blinds slat or material is the ideal colour for your interior.