The bathroom is a temple. It is your chamber of zen in this busy, helter-skelter world where you get uninterrupted peace and quiet for 10 sweet minutes a day before the kids wake up. So what do you do when the sun doesn’t respect your privacy? Shining in your face as you recline upon your throne and being a general nuisance. Obviously, you get a new blind, but how do you choose? Well, that is why we are all here today, so let’s run a nice hot bath and talk about blinds.

First off, before looking at any blinds, we need to discuss what you are looking for. Not only do you need blinds that look good, but really, you want them to stop people peeking in whilst you're chilling in the tub. Then they'll have to be able to survive the strenuous heat and humidity that they find so hostile and obviously, you don’t want to be paying through the nose for this. Finally, it needs to look good; sometimes you forget to take your phone in with you and so it will be the only thing to look at for about 10 minutes, being interesting is a huge point in its favour. Let’s start with…

Roller Blinds

Being the most popular and versatile kind of blind, rollers are a good starting point. Why are they so popular? Well mainly because they are easy to install, affordable, look great and come in such a variety of styles and fabric. For bathrooms, we will mainly be looking at the moisture-resistant polyester blends that will be able to stand up to the humidity of the room, which will be marked on their pages. The main moisture-resistant range in our stock is the bathroom roller blind range, with the waterproof ones called the 'Gibson' range, which covers all your colour bases and gives you a good selection to choose from, and with all of them being totally blackout privacy is as assured as darkness is. They are all also classified as “Easicare” which basically means that cleaning involves nothing more than a damp cloth and roughly a minute of your time every few months.

We have a selection of patterned bathroom blinds, these are only dimout, meaning you can keep a hint of light in the room while retaining aforementioned privacy, and due to their bright, colourful fabrics, you may even get a gorgeous bloom of colour filling the space when the sun finally hits it. The Lolas feature bold colours and a cascading stripe pattern that break up plain walls while the Mezzas utilise a groovy zig-zag pattern paired with alternating primary and neutral tones for a subtle hint of colour rather than a whole mouthful. Either of these roller blinds are great for a bathroom in need of some flair.

Realistically any blind that is 100% polyester (and most of them are) should be absolutely fine in the bathroom, they may need just a little bit more frequent cleaning to ensure no damage over time.

Vertical Blinds

While not particularly popular for bathrooms, mainly because they don’t usually have a window big enough to justify a vertical, there is still the option there for you. Vertical blinds share a lot of fabrics with the rollers, they just lack a number of the patterns, unfortunately. They make up for it though with better light control mechanics, however, we will leave you to work out if that is important. Otherwise, they are pretty much the same as rollers in most respects.

Wooden and Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Now we are talking. When looking at Venetians you have three main options: Aluminium, wood or faux wood. Wood is pretty much out of the question due to potential long-term warping in humid environments, so let’s look at the other two. Aluminium is light, flexible, totally moisture resistant and easy to clean. Perfect right? We have a scarily large range of Aluminium in a variety of colours, so picking what you want should either be really easy or really hard (if you are really indecisive just get a beige blind, they work with everything and we have like a million). Their light control mechanism is great for allowing some in while still retaining a sense of privacy. You can see our full range of bathroom suitable wooden venetian blinds here.

But maybe aluminium isn’t your thing? Some people think its too cold for a bathroom, so maybe a faux wood would suit you better. Made from PVC, they are stained and made to look identical to their real counterparts while retaining their moisture resistance. Holding the slats in your hand you can barely tell the difference, with the only real differences being weight (these are ever so slightly heavier).  With a wider slat, they are actually more blackout than the aluminium venetians, but this is a price paid with the additional weight on the lift (great for the triceps though). So for a bathroom, we would recomend one of our faux wooden blinds. 

Perfect Fit

Perfect fit blinds are your best bet when dealing with awkward windows. Do you have obtrusive and obnoxious handles or little wiggle room on either side for brackets? Then the perfect fit blinds we supply are ideal, because rather than using a bracket system they simply slip into the beading of the window pane. They utilise aluminium slats like our venetians so they are still moisture resistant and easy to clean, plus they look pretty groovy too.

Roman Blinds

Romans are what you go for when you need some extra personality, some 'panache' as the French would call it, which I assume is some kind of cheese? Being a fabric blind, you have to be a little bit more careful in placing it, it works better in the less moist environments so putting it in smaller/showerless bathrooms is preferred. But its worth it, their cascading deployment mechanism makes them beautiful even when pulled up, and their range of colours and patterns are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for bringing a slightly rustic aesthetic into the cosier bathrooms.


Are you looking for something a bit more elegant? Something that shows you to be a person of means? Well then, look no further that our selection of shutter blinds. Made from the same PVC material as our faux wood venetians, they are moisture resistant and look absolutely dandy. 


But that’s enough of the different types of blinds available, let’s talk styling! Most of you probably have worked out what sort of style you want already, but for those who haven’t we can try and get some ideas out on the table. Though this is only brainstorming for ideas, MakeMyBlinds takes zero responsibility for ugly bathrooms.

Bathrooms are a great space to explore your more creative decorative tastes, utilising loads of different materials from tiling to timber, so picking out the perfect blind to match it is pretty fun. While your selection to choose from may be limited by the unique conditions of its environment, there are still loads of options and honestly too much choice can be crippling.

So take a long look at your bathroom, and try to understand its character. What are the primary colours/materials used? What is the overall aesthetic you are trying to achieve? With these basic questions answered picking the right blind is a lot easier.

Alright then, let’s start with those cute, homely bathrooms. Rocking timber floors, white porcelain and thick fluffy bathmats, the blind you pick needs to fit into this warmer ambiance. Roller blinds and romans are a good shout here, as their simple styling and variety of colours mean they can blend in fairly easily. First piece of advice; look for a colour theme. With a space like this devoid of a lot of traditional furnishing, giving yourself some kind of accent colour carried through bathmats, soap holders, little Knick-knacks on window sills etc can help you make it feel like your space. This colour should be carried into the roller blind, giving you a solid lump of your chosen shade and making the whole space seem more *insert your name here*. Alternatively, tie into any wood that already exists within the space with a faux wood that is the same shade for a more natural aesthetic.

For more contemporary aesthetics; utilising stark contrasts, monochromatic palette and clean materials like metal and tiles, you will need a simple, elegant accessory. Here we are thinking some kind of venetian, either a sharp silver aluminium or a mellow faux-wood utilising any tone on the black/white scale. This ensures it fits into the monochromatic scheme while offering a chic finish that still stands out. If you think that is kinda boring, and you like a lot of colour, a bold, brash roller blind loudly yelling “PINK” in this otherwise desaturated bathroom is a great way of rounding out an otherwise blunted atmosphere. Make sure this colour doesn’t stand entirely alone, it will be a bit too anomalous, as we said before, utilize accent pieces throughout the space to tie it into the wider colour scheme.

Lastly, let’s look at a slightly different vibe. Lots of bathrooms these days are love to exclusively use natural materials in granite, marble and wood. For something like this, natural stained faux-wood is probably the smartest option. A dark mahogany colour is a solid bet, as is a lighter pine vibe if there is more wood than stone, or completely disregard the natural vibe and get a bit jiggy with something a little more flamboyant. If you do decide to go a bit off the rocker, use a bold (but ultimately rustic) roman that can tie into the natural colours already present; so greys, browns and whites are the order of the day. 

So those are some very barebones ideas, hopefully, in combination with the information presented on each type of blind you will have been mildly inspired. Just head on over to our storefront (or a competitor’s if you want to make the puppy in our office really sad) and check out what we have. We offer unlimited free samples, so when you finally take the plunge you can be certain in your choice.