We don't want to make false assumptions, so just for clarity and so we all know what we are referring to in this article, dimout blinds will let some light filter through them, so are a translucent material, whereas blackout blinds will block all of the light from passing through the fabric. 

So, what is best for you in your bedroom?

kerry purple blackout roller blind in a bedroom

Dim out blinds in the bedroom

Hear us out, what a lot of people fail to realize is that at night a dim-out blind is pretty much a blackout blind, mainly as it's pretty dark outside once the sun has set. Provided you haven't got a busy road or a street lamp directly opposite your window a dim out blind will block out most of the light until the early morning summer sun. Dim out blinds in our eyes are our Roller blind or vertical blind range. However some people may argue there are some more blinds in that category, like wooden blinds, but that's a different story. 

Dimout blinds are great during the winter when the sun sets early in the day, but come those longer summer months, a dimout blind in the bedroom, paired with an early bedtime can mean that there is a lot of light in your room. This is the same at the start of the day, the early 4am sunrises will make their way into your room, so expect to be up and awake before your alarm. 

There is a novelty about this, but we appreciate it wears thin after a while. 

Now is also an opportunity for us to mention that although not made from a dim-out fabric a Venetian blind is strictly a dim-out blind. It is likely that you will have some form of light seepage between the wooden or aluminium slats and although minimal it would be wrong of us not to mention that Venetian blinds are NOT a blackout blind. If you are after that showroom/White Company-style room then you'll definitely be looking at our wooden Venetian blinds in your bedroom. Although not 100% blackout they are a suitable replacement and will block a fair amount of light.

A great way to combat this issue is by having blackout curtains, these can remain open in the day displaying your gorgeous blinds and when it comes to the evening you can immerse your room in total darkness. 


bedroom with grey roller blackout blinds


Blackout Blinds in the bedroom

These are most likely your 'go-to' types of bedroom blind. 100% light blocking fabric these help you sleep better for longer, a little worrying if you haven't got the alarm set. Now we have to give a little disclaimer that although the fabric is a blackout material there maybe some light seepage between the fabric and window recess, in addition there may be a gap from where the fabric is to the brackets. This is because there has to be a gap for the brackets and the control chain, you can get fully blackout cassette type blinds that sit inside a frame, and moves up and down within there - but they're not something we sell just yet.

Luckily for you we have a huge selection of blackout roller blinds and blackout vertical blinds. With over 60 new colours and styles you will be able to find the perfect match to your room. The problem with blackout roller blinds is the limited light control. We recommend using a vertical blind; with adjustable slats you can allow light into the room whilst still maintaining your privacy. Once again we do need to mention that although the slats are a blackout fabric you will still get some light seepage between them.   


What you do is up to you

Quite simply the choice is yours. We have discussed that it may be quite difficult to completely create a fully blacked out room but there are definitely 'better options'. Dependant on style and taste we are sure to have a range that suits you.  

What you'll also need to consider is if there is a streetlight outside your home, if you have passing car headlights, work a night shift or have small children. Each of these means there is something perfect for you out there, you'll just need to make the choice yourself.