Day and Night blinds have a dual-direction motion that makes them tricky to understand when you first see them in action. However the mechanism is actually very simple - the illusion of complexity lies in the striped, overlaid fabric, that produces the stunning light-striping effect the Day and Night range is known for.

How does a Day and Night blind work?

Day and Night blinds are roller blinds, which open and close when the control chain at the side is pulled. The blind fabric is dual layer, looping under at the bottom of the blind. To create the distinctive light fall effect, alternating panels of translucent and opaque fabric are set in horizontal stripes throughout the blind.

When the blind is being closed, the front layer of the fabric falls as the back rises, causing light to fall in attractive diminishing bands. When the blind is being opened, the effect is reversed. This allows for a whole spectrum of shading possibilities, according to the lighting you wish to achieve. Once the roller is closed to the chosen level, continue to operate the chain until the opaque fabric panels (known as the 'night blinds') align as you require. Overlaid night blinds will allow light to stream through the translucent stripes (the 'day blinds'), while alternating night blinds will close up space in the style of a traditional roller.

What do Day and Night blinds look like?

Beautiful! In motion, the mesmerising style of the Day and Night blind has captivated shade-seekers, contributing to its ever-increasing popularity. Despite being a close relation of the roller blinds, they offer the same custom levels of light control and privacy as venetians, and offer a more streamlined and contemporary look. Arguably the Day and Night is also hardier than venetian models, and features a simpler operating mechanism that is easier for children or those with disabilities.

Day and Night blinds are a superb style choice for modern interiors and new builds, and come in a range of natural shades to help your find your home's perfect match. Their chunky stripes and sleek look also pairs well with retro and minimalist interiors.

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