Sure, you've been able to buy blinds online for about as long as the internet has been around, but we found it to be hard work, slow and just not very exciting.  That’s why Make My Blinds was founded. A forward-thinking, modern approach to helping make your blind buying experience top-notch!

With the power of the internet we are here to help make buying blinds as simple as possible, and hopefully with a bit of fun along the way. I'm not sure if you can tell but we really like blinds, nothing too weird, you understand... but No longer will you have to wait around for someone to measure up; other than your partner maybe, and no flicking through book after book of fabric swatches – I mean haven't you got better things to be doing? With us it's all about one thing, ok maybe two things. Simplicity and blinds.

So how does buying blinds online work?

Well, here at Make My Blinds we offer almost every range of window blind you could need; whether it's blinds for your bathroom or your kitchen, your conservatory or your bedroom, we've got it covered! To give you an idea we have – Roller blinds, Roman Blinds, Vertical blinds, Real wooden blinds, faux wooden blinds, blinds for conservatories, Perfect Fit blinds, blinds for bifold doors, blinds for skylights, blinds for all!

But how have we made it simple? Well, that’s easy, we stick to 3 core principles.

Keep it simple. Be nice. Sell fantastic blinds.

Buying from us is like buying from the high street, but easier, quicker, and better value. Not bad hey? And what's more is that when you buy from us we make your blinds to your exact sizes by our highly skilled team working right here in Blighty. So no more faffing around with saws and scissors (except to open the box), and we'll deliver a handmade, made to measure blind right to your door. How good does that sound!

Let us help you solve a few problems:

1. Your blinds will be the right size 

If you buy a blind from a shop they all come in pre-set sizes, from which you need to cut down to make to size. This seems a bit backwards and annoying to us so with our made to measure blinds we make them to the sizes you tell us - easy! So for this just simply measure your window, enter your measurements on our site and order away. We then make your blinds to the millimetre so they will always fit. No more guesswork, no more poorly fitting blinds and defiantly no more dodgy DIY cutting – just perfect and bespoke blinds made for you. This means you can get the perfect window covering first time, every time.

Why should anyone have to buy a window blind and then cut it to size? Just doesn’t seem right to us. I mean, you wouldn’t buy a sofa and cut that down, would you? So by buying a made to measure blind, you get exactly what you want without compromise. With every blind on our website being made to measure you can be sure that you are receiving a handmade and bespoke item just for you. We know there is a slight worry when measuring but don’t worry, we have created some really helpful videos and guides to help show you just how simple the process is. Check out the video below for how to measure for a recess fit roller blind.

And importantly, installing is the same; with printed instructions coming with every blind, and a helpful video guide on installing every blind we sell, you can see just how quick and easy it is to install your new blind. Have a look at the video on installing a made to measure roller blind, just 4 holes and 4 screws and you're done!

2. A blind for every window

 The important part of selling blinds online is having a range of blinds to sell, and lucky for us, that’s what we've got! We have a huge range of over 1000 blinds to choose from with more being added all the time. That’s roller blinds, Roman Blinds, vertical blinds - then more specialist stuff like blinds for conservatories and bi-fold doors (which can be a little tricky). And so with this huge range to choose from you've come to the right place, with a range of styles, colours and most importantly - people to talk to. 

But... what good is choice if you can't actually see and feel the fabrics before you buy? Oh yeh, we thought of that too, that’s why we offer unlimited samples to anyone and everyone before you fully commit. Think of it like Tinder but for blinds- flick through the range until you find the one that takes your fancy.

3. A genuinely helpful service

We were brought up to be nice to people, and that applies across all walks of life – especially when it comes to customer service. We don’t believe in fobbing you off with the answer you want to hear or selling you something that won't be right for you. We care for each and every customer and want everyone to have beautiful blinds in their home. So whatever you need help with (honestly, we’ve helped in some weird and wonderful ways), everything from how to measure, install, if you need some style advice or just need to check something before ordering our customer support is here for you. With phone support and live chat support until 8pm on weekdays and 5pm on the weekends, you can be sure that we really are here to help.

So if those reasons aren't enough to tempt you just yet, have a look at our 5-star reviews, check out our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter... Or just jump on the phone or live chat support to ask any questions you might have. But remember, we're here to help because we're real people too.