Aluminium Venetian blinds are one of those blinds that over the years is safe to say has been given a bit of a bad rep by only being seen in offices and commercial buildings up and down the country. We think this is a bit unfair as they are a brilliant blind that’s super flexible and can be used across your home, from the smallest, thinnest window right up to the very biggest.

And it’s not just the size that’s impressive, these blinds come in a huge range of colours so you can find the perfect shade for your room. Whilst seen by some to be a blind just for a home office, we think these work wonders within a bathroom setting as the aluminium slats are waterproof and wipe clean.

Flexible in design, colour and sizes these blinds are ideal if you’re looking to control the light entering your room, or blocking the light and giving your room privacy at night. Although the slats themselves will block the light (aluminium isn’t known for letting the light through it) there are gaps between the slats and where the holes are punched for the internal cords to run. So whilst they might look good in a bedroom if you’re a light sleeper than we would suggest looking at something like a blackout blind instead.

Pair a soft beige colour in with your bedroom décor, or match in a darker grey slat alongside a neutral white wall to make it really standout. Our venetian blinds will give a smart and stylish finish to your home, so whilst they might not look the softest or most homely, the range of colours and sheer practicality will help anyone cover their windows with ease and with a smart and stylish finish.

Now, you could drive to a shop, walk up and down the aisles, stand around deciding on colour, pick up a blind, bring it home, go to the garage, find your hacksaw, measure your window, measure the new blind, take the hacksaw to your blind and hope that you can saw in a straight line and cut the blind to size, and then install it in your window. 

OR, you could order some free samples from us, grab a tape measure, place your order online and wait for it to arrive, then simply grab the drill, install it and job done. No cutting or sawing your new blind to size, no waiting around in a shop choosing from 4 colours and hoping you can do a decent job. All of our aluminium blinds are made to your exact size and specification from a huge range of colours. The best bit is that we can get these blinds out to you in just a matter of days too - so you won't be waiting long for these to arrive at your door. 

With just a few holes and screws you can have your new blind up and in your window in no time at all. Simple to measure, simple to install. The brackets supplied with these blinds are multi-directional, so this means you can install them onto the face of the window, top of the window recess, or into the side of the recess. 

Perfect Fit Aluminium Blinds

Just to add a twist to the article, we also have a range of blinds called 'Perfect Fit Blinds'. These are an aluminium Venetian blind housed within their own frame. These blinds are perfect for installing onto bifold doors, patio doors and French doors - and with the practicality that Venetian blinds give, these blinds are ideal for covering these difficult shaped windows.