Ok, ok, so you might be thinking that Vertical blinds are just for offices and that there’s no way that these are ever going to make an appearance in your home.

And in a way you’re right. Right, but wrong.

Vertical blinds we’re the staple of offices, schools and unloved windows across commercial buildings up and down the country. That perception though is over, it’s not the 90’s any more guys…

Vertical blinds are now a stylish and versatile blind that can cover the very largest of windows too. You might be expecting the standard beige’ and cream blinds – but once again, you’re wrong. Now it’s all about colours and making a statement in your window.Vertical blinds in white across a patio door

So we seem pretty keen on vertical blinds, and there are good reasons for this. As mentioned they can be made pretty wide – 450cm wide to be exact. Along with that, they can be made pretty long too – 450cm again to be exact. So if you’ve got a big window to cover – let’s say a patio door, set of French doors or a bifold door, these will be ideal at covering the glass.

Beyond the sheer size, we have the flexibility that vertical blinds offer you. With the ability to open and close the blinds by pulling the vanes back and stacking them at the side of the window, you can also twist the vanes as required to block the light, filter it or let it flood into your room bathing you in the light. This makes our vertical blinds ideal for your living room as well. 

Don’t think that you’re limited on colours either, with well over 100 fabrics to choose from you’ve got almost every colour imaginable available. And with a range of dimout and blackout vertical fabrics available to choose from you can install these in whatever room you fancy. So don’t think that you can’t install these in a bedroom, just choose one of our blackout fabrics and you’ll be able to block the light entering your room. Streetlights, passing cars or the early morning sunrise won’t be able to penetrate through this fabric.

Thinking about using Vertical blinds in a bathroom? Perfect, as we have a range of waterproof vertical blinds that are just great for a bathroom. They are blackout too, so no nosy neighbours will be able to see in, that is unless you leave the window open, and the blinds open, but that’s not our problem. You’re free to do what you want in life.

But other than the flexibility to cover even the biggest of windows, the huge range of colours and a fabric for every room – what else is so good about our vertical blinds?white vertical blinds in the living room

Well, of course, all of our blinds are made to measure, come with our 4-year guarantee and are super easy to install. Sure, you have the task of unboxing the blind, attaching the brackets into the top of the recess, clipping the headrail into place and then attach the vanes. But once those 4 tasks are complete you’ll have a beautiful made to measure vertical blind hanging perfectly in your window.

How do I make sure they don’t drag along the bottom?

One of the more common questions and we get is how do you make sure that the vanes don’t drag along the bottom? The good news is that we do the deductions for you when measuring. So if you’ve got a window that you’re installing into which has never had a vertical blind, measure from the top of the window to the bottom in 3 places across the width and record the smallest measurement. When ordering your blind, enter this measurement and select the recess option. We will then deduct 10mm from the length, ensuring that the blind hangs perfectly in your window – not too long and not too short.

Are they easy to install?

The good news is that our made to measure vertical blinds are one of the easiest blind types to install. With the headrail containing all of the mechanisms and hooks required to hang the vanes from, you just need to install a few top fix brackets into the recess and clip the headrail into place. The next part can be a bit tedious – this is the part where you need to clip all of the vanes onto the headrail hooks, but once it’s done, it’s done – and it’ll look FAB.

Do we sell just the vanes?

The short answer is no, the longer answer is also no, but with an explanation. Due to the way our blinds are manufactured, it costs almost as much to make 20 vertical vanes as it does to produce 20 vertical vanes and the headrail – surprisingly the headrail is actually one of the easier parts to make.

Due to smart, yet somewhat dull, operational efficiencies which we will brush over here, it also takes longer to make just the 20 vanes than it does to make the whole blind. So it might seem stupid and crazy, but you’re better off buying a new headrail (with a new 4-year warranty) than buying just the vanes. Then there’s also the issue of different Travellers (the technical name for the hooks) not working with our hangers (the technical name for the bits at the top of the vanes). So to avoid any issues, we only sell the whole blind –sorry, but on the plus side you will have a shiny new blind in your window. 

So with all of this new-found knowledge, let’s go forth and find some new vertical blinds for your home!