There is something special about Roman blinds, maybe it’s that they’re a perfect mix between having the practicality of a blind, but with the luxuriousness of a curtain. Or maybe it’s just that they fold up so beautifully to look amazing in your window! But whatever it is that makes them so special we’re here to explain more about them, how they work and why ours are a cut above the rest.

So what Is a Roman Blind?

Roman blinds are made from two parts, the first is the aluminium headrail, this supports the 2nd part of the blind which Is the fabric front. Choose from our range of colours to find your perfect style, but there Is an option with these that Isn't available on any other blinds - the fabric lining. You can choose from a standard, light filtering lining - perfect for living rooms and kitchens where you want some light to still filter into your room. This lining covers the Internal cords that are used to raise and lower the blind and will gently filter the light passing through. Then there Is our Blackout Roman blind option. This Is a lining that will prevent any light from passing through - Ideal for bedrooms as all street lights, early morning sunshine or really bright full moons will be prevented from entering your room and will help you get a better, uninterrupted nights sleep. The 3rd option Is our thermal lining, this Isn't fully blackout but will block more light than the dimout option, whilst having the added benefit of trapping heat inside your room. This lining will both help to trap heat Inside your home and will also help to reflect light away in the summer keeping your home warm In the winter and cool In the summer.

Why do we have lining options?

With all of our Roman blinds being made to measure, we give you the option to choose to make your blind perfect. Each lining Is best suited for a different room and application, but we give the option to choose what’s right for you!

All of our Roman Binds come with a child safe, nickel chain - this Is slightly different to our other blinds as If too much weight Is forced onto the chain the whole chain and clutch will pop out from the headrail. This can then just be pushed back into position - so you won't have to clip the cord onto the wall like with our other blind types.Prestige Silk Golden Copper roman blind in living room window

Where should I use my Roman Blind?

Roman Blinds are great for windows across your home, and with our range of linings, you can get the right style and cover In the right window. So, for example, our blackout lining is ideal for bedroom blinds, and our thermal lining is great in kitchens and living rooms, to help trap heat in during the winter and keep the heat out during the summer. If you know you want your blind more for its style, then the standard dimout lining will make your blind look smart and stylish, whilst gently filtering the light passing through the blind. These blinds are great in kitchens, bedrooms, but Roman blinds are also ideal for living rooms. They will work In a bathroom, but we suggest they are only used when they won't come into contact with water directly as these are not moisture resistant or waterproof.

How do I measure for a Roman Blind?

Luckily, measuring for a roman blind is pretty straightforward. All you'll need Is a window, metal tape measure, pen and paper (or mobile to write the sizes down onto). If you're installing inside of the window recess, then you'll need to measure in 3 places across the width - recording the smallest measurement. Now do the same on the drop, measuring from the top of the recess to the bottom in 3 places, recording the smallest drop. Once you've got these, just have a look at our fabric options and get ready to place your order!

How do I Install my Roman Blind?

Thankfully, Roman blinds are a bit less complicated than some of our other blinds. With simple swivel brackets supplied, you'll just need to install the brackets, and then clip the blind into position and lock the brackets into place. With our handy video guide below, you'll have your new made to measure Roman blind up in no time!

Are they Child Safe?

All of our blinds are fully child safe, so with these blinds they come with a built-In child safety mechanism and when too much force is applied to the blind the chain and clutch will pop out of the headrail. There Isn't a chain tidy that needs to be Installed Into the side of the window recess like with a roller blind. This design keeps the blind looking smart and stylish, whilst giving you peace of mind.Prestige Silk Delicate Teal roman blind in the living room