Whether you’ve had a record year, a steady one, or an admittedly slow drudge through 2018 - you’re probably looking to 2019 with the same hopes and dreams that you held when you first started out. You may be looking to expand your social outreach (try Instagram), increase your range of services, or simply trundle along continuing to do the work you’ve always loved. Whatever the case, we believe that blinds should be a major part of your portfolio for the new year – and we say that as impartially as possible.

The trends don’t lie. Blinds make a difference.

In December 2017, Pinterest revealed what they believed to be the hottest new trends in the Interior World for 2018. Sage was said to be the ‘new neutral’, splashed across bedroom walls across the country, seamlessly fitting with woods, metallic finishes and distressed fabrics alike. Statement Ceilings was another touted to be big: bold colours, intricate designs – if clients wanted to impress, this would be their go-to requirement. Finally, saved searches for Oversized Art increased by 600%, more than any other design trend in the Pinterest 100 – in 2018, bigger was going to be better.

First off, congratulations for making it through the year and for making your way here. You’re in the right place. We’re sure you’ve been busy preparing projects, talking design with clients, and navigating furniture suppliers in the previous 12 months. If so, then only you will be able to account for the tangible truth in the predictions above. As that’s exactly what they were: predictions.

Well, from the bright, yet glare-controlled haven of Make My Blinds HQ, we’re going to make a prediction of our own for 2019. And it’s one that takes your clients back to basics. Not back-to-black--this isn’t an Amy Winehouse album, unfortunately--but back-to-white.

If you’ve found a continuous stream of clients requesting white wooden venetian blinds in 2018, then you’re not alone. Stylish & elegant, yet demure - they provide a beautifully subtle back-drop to every interior.

Noticing a rise in demand for pastel roller blinds? Geometric patterns? Copper? Leaves, trees and nature? At Make My Blinds, we can attest to this. Everything is earthy, everything is rustic, everything is real and raw. And that’s coming in 2019. Patterned Romans? Oh, yes. Greys on the comeback trail? It certainly seems so.

Of course, you’ve still got a business to run – so, balancing client satisfaction and efficient business processes will always be the biggest colour clash on your palette. That’s where we come in. Kids splashing about in the bath - we can suggest our Gibson waterproof range. Clients with tired eyes and a desperate need for a bedroom renovation – we’ve got an extensive black-out roller range. Considering an office project – let’s talk measurements, functionality & our neutral vertical range that can cover some serious space.

No matter the project, no matter the client – in 2019, blinds are the word. Get prepared, kick-start the new year with a trade account with Make My Blinds and let’s get discussing everything blinds.

Remember – Love is Blinds.