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Measuring For A Vertical Blind

Measuring is easy when you know how, and we've got that knowhow below. Don't forget, you can always contact us via phone or live chat with any questions

How to Measure for Vertical Blinds

Measuring for blinds is an essential life skill for homeowners, and luckily it's easy to master. Grab a metal tape measure, a pencil, and a piece of paper. That's all you need. These measuring instructions can be used to measure up all vertical blinds.

Standard Window - Recess Blind Measuring Instructions

Step 1: Measuring from wall to wall, record the width of your recess in three places - across the top of the window, the middle and the bottom. Check your window recess for obstructions, such as tiles or picture rails. If you do have an obstruction, measure off this point as well. Circle the smallest measurement.

Step 2: Measuring from the top of the recess to your windowsill, measure the 'drop' (or height) of your recess in three places - from the left, down the middle and on the right. Circle the smallest measurement.

Step 3: The two circled measurements are your width and drop measurements. Use these when placing your order. Don’t forget to select the ‘recess’ option too.

Hint: A deduction of 5mm will be made to the overall width to ensure an easy, yet snug fit when you select the ‘recess’ option at the point of order. A deduction of 10mm will make to the overall drop to ensure no dragging along the window sill. If you order a recess size, we will supply top fix brackets, allowing you to install the blind into the top of the window recess. 

A line drawing of a window with arrows showing where to measure inside the recess for a vertical blind

A line drawing of a window with arrows showing where to measure outside the recess for a vertical blind

Exact Blind Measuring Instructions

Step 1: Choose where you want your blind to sit, and gently measure and mark this on the wall. The blind should overlap the recess symmetrically. We recommend a minimum of a 70mm overlap past the window recess, or 35mm on each side. This ensures complete coverage of the recess.

Step 2: Measure the width between these two marks and note it down.

Step 3: Measure the outside of your window recess from the top to the bottom, from the height at which you want the headrail to sit, down to the point you want the bottom bar to stop (usually the lip of the windowsill).

Step 4: Use the ‘Exact Size’ option when placing your order.

Hint:  Your new blind will be made to your exact measurements with no deductions to the width, or the drop. If you order as exact blind size, we will supply face fix brackets, allowing you to install the blind onto the face of the wall around your window reveal. 


Once you've got your measurements for your window, just head over to our Vertical Blinds section to see our full range, including dimout, blackout and waterproof vertical blinds!