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Green Roller Blinds

Green is understood to be the most restful and relaxing colour for the human eye to observe. Links to nature, life, renewal and hope, green is the colour of spring and new beginnings. From bright lime to deepest emerald, green is a powerful colour. Lucky for the Irish, it could be lucky for you too.

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  1. Dimout Roller Blinds

    Dimout Roller Blinds are great for filtering the light and giving you privacy in your home

  2. Blackout Roller Blinds

    Blackout Roller Blinds will block all the light from passing through the fabric, making them ideal for bedroom windows

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Green Roller Blinds

Luch, vibrant and full of rich tones - green is not a colour that will simply fade into the background. With a range of vibrant and lively fabrics to choose from, through to the earthy and warmer British Racing Green type shades, we have a green roller blind to suit your home. Pair alongside lighter cream interiors and neutral shades in your home to highlight this colour in your window and showcase your new colour choice. Green roller blinds are a great way to add warmth to your home and richness to your decor that only comes from certain colours, pair with browns to really make your home feel earthy and warm.

Greens come in such varied tones that by using a lighter and vibrant colour will help to make your interior lively and more vibrant, whereas using a darker green will give a warmth to your rooms that could otherwise be lacking.



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