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Green Blinds

Green Blinds - Made to measure

Green is said to be a calming colour, and researchers have suggested that the colour green can improve reading ability, this makes green blinds a great choice for your bedroom. When it comes to green blinds for your home there are a few things to consider, the tone, the style and the rest of your décor. Green pairs nicely with an array of colours, pair with browns for an earthy, natural style, or pair with brighter colours to create a more vibrant interior. Here at Make My Blinds we have put all of our green blinds in one place for you, so all of our green roller blinds, vertical and aluminium blinds. With a range of tones to choose from, from the light lime greens through to British racing green, you’ll be able to find a tone to suit your home and interior colour scheme. Use green blinds alongside neutral colours to enhance it, or pair the blind alongside similar toned greens in the rest of your room. With a range of dimout and blackout blinds available you’ll be able to find the perfect blind for your home. For example use our green blackout blinds in your bedroom as this fabric stops 100% of the light from passing through it, helping you to get a better night’s sleep.

All of our blinds are made to measure and come with a 4 year warranty, so we’ve got you covered. If you want to make sure you get the perfect colour and shade for your home, then why not take advantage of our free sample service, you can order up to 20 free samples and receive them the next day.