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Floral Blinds

Floral Blinds - Made to measure

If you’ve been looking for some new floral blinds then you’ve come to the right place. With all types of designs from bright and bold designs, through to delicate hand drawn designs, we have a floral blind to suit all interiors. Maybe you think they are for a home that’s slightly older, but you’d be wrong. Just look at the Treviso floral blinds, these are silver backed roller fabrics with either bright pink, cobalt blue or vibrant yellow floral prints running vertically down the fabric. These are ultra-modern and stylish, perfect for minimalist homes or anyone who appreciates bright colours. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have the Rosa range, these are black and white sketched floral designs overlaid onto a coloured blackout fabric. The blackout floral blinds are perfect for bedrooms as they will not only look great, but help you to get a better night’s sleep as they block the light from passing through the fabric. Of course, there are loads of floral blinds for you to choose from and what will work best in your home is down to personal preference, but when you buy a new floral blind with Make My Blinds you will find that every blind is made to measure just for you and your window.