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Fake Wood Blinds

Our Faux Wood Blinds (Fancy term for Plastic)

Perfect for the Kitchen and Bathroom, these faux wooden blinds won't give you the grief of Real wooden blinds. They are 100% waterproof and have a wipe clean surface. Venetian Blinds offer full light control with adjustable slats you can go to a near blackout in just a pull of the cord. If you are thinking about using our fake wood blinds in the bedroom just be sure to pair them with one of our blackout rollers or curtains to get that perfect nights sleep. Our Faux Wood blinds come in a huge range of styles and colours, adding tapes to the blind means there are literally thousands of choices! Fake wooden blinds are becoming more and more popular as the slats will not fade in sunlight and also are a consistent colour.

Faux wooden blinds are made from PVC plastic (not that cheap toy plastic but vinyl plastic) this means they are strong and durable. In fact we are so confident in all our blinds we offer a 4-year warranty on them.