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Conservatory Blinds

Why should you choose these conservatory blinds?

Our range of conservatory blinds are created to work with the challenging specifications of conservatory rooms. All conservatory blinds are made to withstand high levels of direct sunlight with minimal fading, for supreme endurance. There are a variety of shade styles to provide differing levels of darkness according to your room's needs, and water-resistant materials for high-humidity spaces. Finally, they fix onto the window frame itself, not the wall, so they are easy to install in rooms with little wall clearance. This is essential in conservatories, which often have little overhead wall space.

Perfect Fit blinds sit stylishly within their own frame, which clips onto your existing window frame. Easy to install with no tools or drilling required, simply screw the frame together, push the brackets into place between the glass and rubber beading and clip on. These blinds are also great for French doors, patio doors and conservatory windows, leaving the door free to open uninhibited. Use these as an easy and stylish way to cover doors and 'problem' windows like tilt and turns, that would otherwise be a struggle to open when fitted with conventional blinds.

Perfect Fits come in several style options so you can choose the one best suited to your sunroom. The most popular are the venetian blinds, which feature tilting slats just like conventional venetians. To enjoy superior insulation effects, choose pleated Perfect Fit blinds, which have honeycomb cells that open when the blind is shut to help keep the heat in. These are available in light-diffusing dimout and full-dark blackout styles.

We also feature a range of EcoFit blinds. These blinds comprise a slimline pleated fabric that sits up against the glass in your window. These shades are also a tools-free options and are therefore easy to install into your conservatory windows. And when you choose to remove them, they lift off tracelessly, without drill marks, rawl plugs or nails in place. This is particularly useful for tenants in rented properties, who often have strict rules around how they can mark or mar walls.

Fitting guide

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