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Brown Blinds

Give your home a warm, earthy feel with one of our brown coloured blinds

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  1. Dimout Vertical Blinds

    Use these to filter the light entering your home and give yourself privacy at the same time

  2. Blackout Roller Blinds

    Blackout Roller Blinds will block all the light from passing through the fabric, making them ideal for bedroom windows

  3. Blackout Vertical Blinds

    Use these to stop the light entering your home, out blackout vanes will stop any light from passing through the material

  4. Dimout Roller Blinds

    Dimout Roller Blinds are great for filtering the light and giving you privacy in your home

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Brown Blinds - Made to measure

Not to be outdone by some of the brighter colours, our brown blind collection is full of almost every brown bind we have available. Brown is perfect for giving your home a warm cosy feel, it also pairs well with a variety of colours, pair it with greens to give your home an earthy vibe, or pair with lighter colours like white to create more of a modern yet warm atmosphere. We’ve got lots of different shades to offer as well, darker browns can offer a more mature, sophisticated feel whereas a lighter, golden brown gives a more fun, cosy feel. When you buy a new blind from Make My Blinds you can be sure that you are getting a 100% made to measure product delivered to your door. This means there is no further cutting required and your blind will fit your window perfectly. When you buy online you can browse from a wider range of blues than available in the shops. With our range of how to videos from measuring and installing there's no better reason to buy your new blue blinds online.

These blinds all come with our 4-year guarantee and are all 100% made to measure just for you, so we’ve got you covered. If you want to make sure that you get the perfect blind for your home, why not take advantage of our free sample service, you can order up to 20 free samples and receive them the next day.



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