The complete guide to Perfect Fit pleated blinds

The insulating and soundproofing benefits of pleated blinds are complemented by the Perfect Fit system, for effortless installation with long-term eco and cost-saving benefits. Perfect Fit blinds are an amazing innovation within the sector. These pleated blinds can be fitted without drilling holes in the walls, require no tools to install, and clip on in minutes. Once in place, Perfect Fit pleated blinds work in the same way as conventional blinds, albeit with a handle to raise and lower the blind as opposed to the chain or cord you may be used to.

Pleated blinds feature a 'honeycomb' structure, a series of hexagonal cells each joined at their uppermost point. When your blind is raised these cells are flattened, and when it is shut the cells are open, trapping pockets of air between each section to help insulate and soundproof the home.

Eco benefits of Perfect Fit pleated blinds

The Perfect Fit 'honeycomb' blind structure creates air pockets when the blind is lowered, which help keep rooms insulated, saving on energy expenditure and heating bills, as well as providing additional soundproofing. This makes them ideal for bedrooms and nurseries. According to the NRDC homes lose approximately one third of heat through their windows and doors, so the trapped air pockets pleated blinds offer really does make a significant difference to the insulation of a room, especially in winter. All pleated blinds will have some heat-retaining benefit. However, Perfect Fit pleated blinds come in a frame that clips direct to the window, they offer considerably less thermal loss from the sides and bottom of the blinds. Over time, this adds up to reduced heating bills, and a cosier home.

Are Perfect Fit blinds blackout?

The term 'blackout' refers to the blind fabric, not the blind itself. All blinds will have some degree of light seepage around the edges, although Perfect Fit blinds' casing and flush-to-window installation means this is reduced compared to other styles. Perfect Fit pleated blinds come in two styles: dimout and blackout. Dimout blinds gently filter the light, to offer a soft glow during the day. Blackout blinds offer fuller shading, making them a good choice for bedrooms.

Perfect Fit pleated dimout blinds

Their gentle light-softening effect means dimout pleated Perfect Fit blinds are a great choice for rooms where privacy is the key factor, such as bathrooms and street-facing receptions.

Dimout pleated blinds can also be a good choice for suntrap rooms or patio doors, as they allow for some shading in the daytime. For conservatories Perfect Fit pleated blinds help reduce heat loss and offer energy-saving benefits, particularly when installed on the partition door between the sun room and main house. Additionally, if you keep tropical plants in your conservatory, additional insulation will help keep them flourishing through the cooler seasons.

Perfect Fit pleated blackout blinds

Blackout blind fabric blocks light from passing through, making blackout pleated blinds a top pick in rooms that require both privacy and darkness, such as bedrooms. While all blinds will have some small level of light filtering through the sides, top and bottom, Perfect Fit blackout blinds offers some of the truest darkness, because the blinds are encased in a frame that clips direct to your window, minimising gaps. And they're not just suited to windows - Perfect Fit blackout blinds for doors keep light from passing between rooms - ideal for en suite rooms or exterior doors.

How do you measure for Perfect Fit pleated blinds?

Perfect Fit pleated blinds are suitable for most square or rectangular UPVC glazed windows. The first thing to do is the two-minute compatibility check to confirm your window has the key criteria for a Perfect Fit.

Measuring for Perfect Fit pleated blinds works the exact same way as any of the other blinds in the Perfect Fit collection. It doesn't take more than a couple of minutes following our guide - How to measure for Perfect Fit Blinds.. The key points to remember are to double and triple check your measurements, and measure each pane of glass individually. Even if two panes appear to be the same size as one another, there may be subtle differences.

How do you fit pleated blinds?

Perfect Fit pleated blinds have a super-simple, DIY-friendly fitting system that requires no tools or drilling, and install in minutes. The pleated blinds fit in exactly the same way as the other Perfect Fit styles, so see our page on how to install a Perfect Fit blind for a step-by-step guide.