French door blinds

There’s something magical about french doors. You throw them open and step out into a manicured landscape as the warm breeze reaches your skin. Or maybe you like to sit inside by a cosy fire and watch the winter weather bluster just outside the doors. However you enjoy your french doors, you can maximise your joy by ensuring they have high-quality window treatments. The right window blinds can help you save on energy bills, maximise views, add style and control light and privacy.


Here, we’ll show you several different options for french door blinds. We’ll explain which ones are better for different preferences and offer a quick breakdown of the benefits of each option.



The 7 Best French Door Blinds


French door window blinds

There are several options when it comes to window treatments for french doors. We’ve broken them down by style and offer handy tips depending on why you want blinds and how you plan to use them in your home. Here are the best blinds for french doors. 



1. Perfect Fit Blinds



Perfect Fit blinds, also known as no drill blinds, fit right into the frame of UPVC windows. They come in white and anthracite to match the door window frame, creating a seamless and bespoke look. The blind snaps into a small frame, which then clips in between the glazing and the beading of the window. 


This type of blind is particularly useful for french doors, sliding doors, bifold doors and patio doors since they don’t block the doors. You can open and close the door without having to adjust the window blinds. They’re also a great choice for high-traffic areas and rooms where you open and close your french doors often.



2. Roller Blinds



Roller blinds, or roller shades, are a blind style featuring a large piece of fabric. The fabric is raised or lowered onto a headrail using a chain or cordless mechanism. Roller blinds are ideal for large windows and glass doors as they offer a sleek and slim silhouette. That means they cover less of the glazing, making the windows appear larger. This can help open up the room and make it feel more spacious. 


On patio doors, they make it easy to raise the blind out of the way when you want to go in and out. Plus, the sleek silhouette keeps the glass clear, maximising views and light.


Roller blinds come in a huge range of fabrics and colours. You can find voile styles to allow light to filter into the room. These are perfect for living rooms and dining areas where you want to enjoy the morning or afternoon sun. Alternatively, you can choose a blackout roller blind to create a dark, soothing space in your home. 



3. Roman Blinds



Roman blinds are fabric window coverings like roller blinds. However, they feature soft pleats of fabric at the top when the blind is raised. As you lift the blinds, the fabric delicately folds on top of itself in crisp layers. It’s like having a curtain valance without the bulk.


Roman blinds are excellent patio door blinds as they can frame picturesque views. They also come in tons of colours and patterns, so it’s easy to infuse life into a new home or complement existing decor. 


Plus, you can choose from light filtering, blackout and thermal styles. Thermal styles are particularly useful as french door blinds. Glass doors and windows are notorious for losing heat. These blinds feature a thick or double-layered fabric that acts as an insulation layer. It can block out heat during the hot summer months, and it can keep cold air out in the winter. This minimises draughts and can help you save money on energy bills.



4. Plantation Shutters



Shutter blinds are larger window coverings that fit nicely on french doors. They’re luxurious and they help add an insulating layer while also maximising light control. Unlike roman blinds and roller blinds, shutters feature rigid slats. The slats can be titled 180 degrees to direct light out or into the room. Plus, you can open the shutters completely to let all the natural light in. Shutters thus offer greater light control compared to fabric alternatives which can only be raised or lowered.


At Make My Blinds, you’ll find a huge selection of shutters in 27 different colours and finishes. From real wood to vivid white and moss grey hues, you’re sure to find shutters that match your home’s aesthetic. There are also several styles including cafe shutters — which only cover the bottom half of the window — and full height shutters. You can also choose tier on tier shutters which allow you to open the shutters on the top and bottom of the window independently as well as full solid raised shutters for blackout perfection.



5. Venetian Blinds



Venetian blinds, sometimes known as wooden blinds, are similar to shutters. While shutters mount outside the window, venetians can be mounted inside the window frame for a more streamlined look. They again boast rigid slats, meaning you have greater light and privacy control. They’re great for french doors where you want to adjust the light throughout the day. 


Venetian blinds come in real wood, faux wood, PVC and aluminium styles. Real wood blinds are great for french doors where you want to add a natural aesthetic. Faux wood blinds are better suited for french doors that are in wet spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. They are waterproof, so they won’t warp like real wood does if they get wet. You may want to consider faux wood blinds instead of real wood varieties if you like to leave your french doors ajar in humid or wet conditions.


Aluminium venetians are another great option when you want durability. These are made of rust-proof metal so they’re difficult to break and waterproof. They also come in various shades from neutral colours to vibrant hues.



6. Vertical Blinds



Most of the blind styles above — excluding Perfect Fit blinds — are horizontal blinds. They operate by moving the fabric, metal or wood up and down. Vertical blinds are different. They move side to side. That makes them useful for patio doors and french doors. You can easily move in and out of your home, without moving the blinds. Just slip in between the hanging slats for easy entry. You can also keep the blinds tucked away to the side of your doors when you don’t need to worry about light control.



7. Pleated Blinds and Honeycomb Blinds



Pleated blinds and honeycomb blinds are the gold standard when it comes to energy savings. Both styles help to create an insulating layer. That means you can save you money and reduce the need to run the heat or air conditioning constantly. They’re particularly well-suited for doors and large windows — including single-pane styles — that lose heat rapidly.


Pleated blinds feature folds in the fabric that add texture and dimension. They can call attention to picturesque views and they help soften the modern aesthetic of giant doors and windows. Honeycomb blinds feature an air pocket in between two thin layers of fabric. The air pocket traps cold air from the outside, preventing it from entering your home and keeping your house warmer as a result. 



How to Choose the Best French Door Blinds

tall door window blinds

When it comes to french door blinds, these seven styles are your best bets. They allow you to maximise your views and control light and privacy. They may also help you save money on energy bills by reducing heat loss through the large glass panes. 


Choosing the right one will depend on your style and preferences. If you want a blind that’s easy to install, Perfect Fit blinds are the way to go. You won’t need a drill or power tools to get them installed on your french doors. If you want a blind that’s easy to clean, choose a fabric style. They wipe clean using a damp cloth or a vacuum with an upholstery brush. If ease of cleaning is your main concern, avoid horizontal slat styles as these collect more dust and require more time to maintain.


If you’re focused on durability, look for nylon fabrics or rigid blinds made of faux wood or aluminium. These are less likely to get damaged, even with regular use. On the other hand, if energy savings are your main concern, opt for pleated or honeycomb blinds. You can also choose a fabric blind with thermal properties.


At Make My Blinds, we offer an extensive range of window treatments, including blinds and shutters. If you’re ready for new blinds, start by perusing our selection of window treatments. You can order up to 20 free samples to see what the blinds or shutters look like in person before you make a commitment. Once you find the window or french door blinds you love, it’s easier than ever to order.


Use our measuring guides to ensure a perfect fit with the blind style you choose. Make sure to account for any obstructions like door handles. If you need help, our friendly customer service team is just a phone call (01174630117), email ([email protected]) or live chat session away. They can help you select, measure and install blinds that match your preferences.