Wood is one of the most popular design elements thanks to its timeless style and durability. From enormous live-edge dining tables to burl wood art, this natural element has only gained in popularity in recent years. Increasingly, faux wood products are filling the shelves, especially when it comes to flooring and window treatments. 

There are many reasons why you should incorporate faux wood blinds into your home decor. Here, we’ll show you the benefits of faux wood blinds and offer advice on how to measure, how to install and how to style these stunning window dressings.

Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds

Wooden blinds are made of a wide range of materials including both real and faux wood. In the past, faux wood blinds were often considered inferior to real wooden blinds simply because they didn’t look like the real thing. However, with advances in technology and design, today’s faux wood blinds mimic the look of wood grain almost precisely, making them a great choice for busy homes that need a natural aesthetic.

Faux wood blinds have some advantages that make them more desirable than traditional wood blinds. While wood itself is stunning, it can be difficult to maintain and prone to damage. That’s because real wood contains pores that absorb moisture. When they get wet, the wood swells. Once the wood dries out again, it shrinks, causing the blind slats to warp and bend.

Faux wooden blinds do not have this problem since they are made of synthetic, moisture-resistant and waterproof materials like PVC. They are more durable than real wood blinds and can be used in wet and humid spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, these blinds won’t scratch as easily as natural wood blinds, especially soft woods like balsa, cedar and balsam poplar.

Good quality faux wood blinds are a great way to add a natural wood effect to a room without having to worry about durability. In addition, faux wood blinds are easier to clean than other alternatives. Simply wipe the slats down using a damp cloth or use a vacuum with an upholstery brush.

These blinds also offer exceptional light control and privacy. Unlike fabric styles such as roller blinds and roman blinds, these blinds feature slats that can be tilted 180 degrees, dramatically increasing light control options. You can let light stream in through the window or close the slats completely for a blackout effect. They also come in various slat widths — including large 50mm slat sizes — so you can find the perfect fit for narrow windows and large picture windows.

How To Style Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds come in various styles and finishes. They are also available with decorative tapes — vertical strips that add durability to blinds and can function as style pieces as well. You’ll find natural styles that mimic the look of cedar or birch as well as contemporary designs such as grey faux wood blinds and white wooden blinds

Faux wooden Venetian blinds with natural finishes are superb for creating a rustic or Asian-inspired design. Look for fir, cedar and alder faux finishes if you’re looking to elevate a cozy cabin or mountain retreat aesthetic. Bamboo faux wood blinds are perfect for zen designs while eucalyptus faux wood blinds are ideal for beach-inspired homes.

If modern and contemporary are more your style, look for faux wood blinds in grey, black and white finishes. Light grey and dark grey blinds can add depth and dimension to a space while white blinds brighten up rooms and create an airy feel. One of our favourite white faux wood venetian blinds is our Editions Brilliant White Gloss. It features a vibrant white colour that imparts calm, serene vibes into any space. It comes with polar decorative tapes creating a sleek, seamless look that’s well-suited to upscale and modern homes.

How To Measure Faux Wood Blinds

Looking for beautiful faux wood blinds for your home, but not sure where to start? Begin by perusing our huge selection of window blinds. You can order free samples to see what different styles will look like in different rooms throughout your home. Once you find a style you love, it’s time to measure to ensure a perfect fit.

Measuring blinds doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it’s rather simple. All you need is a measuring tape, pencil and a piece of paper. Follow this quick measuring guide for wood blinds or go through the steps below to measure for your new blinds.

Step 1: Decide Where To Mount Your Blinds

You can mount blinds inside the recess or outside the recess. Inside the recess mounts are the most common and involve hanging the blind inside the opening of the window. Outside the recess mounts are ideal for narrow window ledges and those with large handles as the blinds hang on the wall above the window opening.

Step 2: Measure the Width

If you’re mounting inside the recess, start by measuring the width of the window opening. Take measurements in three places: across the top, middle and bottom of the window. Make sure to account for any obstructions such as window handles when measuring. Write down the smallest measurement.

If you’re mounting outside the recess, choose where you want the blind to sit above the window. Usually, this is at the midpoint of the glazing or recess opening. The sides of the blinds should overlap the window edges evenly on both sides. We recommend a minimum of a 35 millimetre overlap on each side. Mark these points on the wall and measure from one side to the other. Write down this number.

Step 3: Measure the Drop

Next, you need to measure the height (or drop) of the window. Again, if you’re mounting inside the recess, take height measurements across three places: the left, middle and right of the window. Write down the smallest measurement.

For outside the recess mounts, measure from where you want to the headrail to sit down to the top of the windowsill. Write down the measurement.

Step 4: Order Your Blinds

For inside the recess mounts, select the ‘recess option’ and enter the measurements you wrote down from the steps above. For outside the mount orders, select the ‘exact fit’ option and enter your measurements.

How To Install Faux Wood Blinds

So you’ve successfully measured and ordered your faux wood venetian blinds and now they’ve arrived at your doorstep. Now the fun begins because it’s time to install your wooden blinds! Fortunately, mounting wooden blinds is just as easy as measuring them. 

With just a few tools, you’ll have your new blinds up in minutes. You’ll need screws, wall plugs, a tape measure, a pencil, a screwdriver and a drill with the appropriate drill bit. The drill bit should be the same width as your screws and should be suited for the material you are drilling into (wood screws if your wall is made of wood or concrete screws if you have a block home). 

If you ordered your blinds from Make My Blinds, you’ll receive the blind, a matching front valance and brackets — which will be labeled left or right for easy mounting. Here’s how to install wooden blinds.

Step 1: Measure the Install Depth

For an inside the recess mount, start by measuring the depth at which you need to install your brackets. Be mindful of how far from the window your handles protrude and use this as the minimum install depth. Hold the bracket in position and mark the holes using your pencil. Repeat for all other brackets.

For an outside the recess mount, the brackets should be mounted 6 millimetres wider than the blind fabric on each end. Once you’ve measured this position, follow the instructions below for installing the brackets.

Step 2: Mount the Brackets

Use a drill to pre-drill the holes where you will mount the brackets. Once you’ve drilled the hole, insert the wall plugs and use a screwdriver to secure the bracket in place.

Step 3: Slide the Blinds Into Place

Open up the tab on each bracket so that it’s parallel to the floor. Take the blind and snap it into place, starting with the control end first. Once you’ve snapped each end into place, close the bracket tab to secure it in place. Finally, snap the valence into place to complete the look.

Step 4: Install Child Safety Clip

The child safety clip is built into the faux wood blinds. Simply remove the clip and install it on the side of the window recess or the wall face for an outside the recess mount to make the blinds pet and child safe. Use a screwdriver and screws to secure the child safety clip. Wrap the excess cord around the clip to keep the cords safely out of reach of children and pets.