double roller blinds

When it comes to window blinds, you usually have to choose between one that lets light in and one that doesn’t. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With double roller blinds, you can get the best of both worlds. These blinds feature two different fabrics, letting you choose if you want it to be dark or if you want to let the sun stream in. 


Here, we’ll show you why you’ll love double roller blinds. They’re easy to maintain, are versatile and offer endless options for style and functionality. Plus, we’ll show you how to measure for a perfect fit and where to buy double roller blinds. Best of all, you’ll find some style inspiration so you can dream up ways to use these gorgeous window treatments in your own home. 

Why You’ll Love Double Roller Blinds

Double roller blinds are double the fun. Like roller blinds, they are fabric blinds that raise and lower on a headrail. However, double roller blinds feature two different fabrics. One is usually translucent and the other is opaque. That means you get more light control options. These blinds can be used on all windows.


The blinds are mounted to the same headrail so you don’t have to worry about installing two separate blinds. You just install the headrail and instantly get two different options for controlling the amount of light in your home. You can shut the opaque blind to block out light. 


Alternatively, you can use the translucent fabric to let natural light stream in. You can also lower the voile fabric completely and the opaque one halfway for light at the bottom, but more light control at the top half of the window.


With two fabrics, you also get two times the style. Instead of one solid colour for your blinds, you can choose two. One can be a neutral hue accented by a second brighter shade. Or you can choose two neutral shades for an understated look. 


You also get two choices when it comes to fabrics like cotton, faux silk and velvet. You can choose waterproof or moisture-resistant fabrics for bathrooms and kitchens and opt for blackout blinds for the bedroom. Blackout fabrics are great in sleeping spaces since they help to keep out light that can disrupt sleep. Then in the morning, you can switch over to the voile fabric layer to let light in when you get ready.


The options are truly endless, making double roller blinds both functional and stylish. Best of all, these blinds are incredibly easy to maintain and install. Vacuum the blinds every few weeks using an upholstery brush attachment. For quick stain removal, you can use hot water and a microfibre cloth. 

How to Measure Double Roller Blinds

woman measuring window blinds

One reason we love double roller blinds is that you get two blinds in one, without extra installation hassles. You use one mounting system and can enjoy your blind in minutes. The first step in getting the perfect double roller blinds is to measure to fit your windows.


Reference our measuring guides to ensure a perfect fit regardless of your window type or blind style. The guides offer instructions for both inside and outside the recess mounts. 


An inside the recess mount means your blind will be installed inside the window frame. Outside the recess mounts involve installing the blinds above the window frame. Our double roller blind measuring guide ensures you’ll have the right numbers for your window. 


Here’s how to measure for your double roller blind:


  1. 1. Measure the width: Measure the width of your window recess if mounting inside the recess. If mounting outside the recess, mark how far you want the blind to extend past the window. Make sure the overlap is even on both sides. We recommend at least a 5 centimetre overlap on each side. Measure the width between the two points.


  1. 2. Measure the drop (height): Measure the window recess from top to bottom. For outside the recess mounts, measure the height from where you want the headrail mounted down to where the bottom bar will sit. We recommend mounting the headrail at least 7 centimetres above the window and the bottom bar should sit at least 5 centimetres below the windowsill.


  1. 3. Enter the measurements in the order form and select the type of mount — either “recess” for inside the recess or “exact” for outside the recess mounts.


Once you’ve measured, you just have to wait for the blinds to arrive to install them. Fortunately, we offer a selection of next-day blinds so you can get them installed in no time. Plus, our standard delivery blinds come with free delivery on orders over £179.


Once the blinds arrive, it’s time to get them installed. This takes just a few minutes and doesn’t require a ton of tools. Consult our installation guides to get your new blinds up quickly.

Get Inspired With These Double Roller Blinds

Dual roller blinds enable you to get more out of your window treatments. The blackout roller blind fabric lets you keep a room dark and quiet when needed. Plus, the second dimout fabric lets you adjust the light when you do want to brighten up the same space. Here are some of our favourite double roller blinds to get you inspired.

1. Amor White Lotus with Haze Soft Grey Double Roller Blind

soft grey double roller blinds

Our Amor White Lotus with Haze Soft Grey Double Roller Blind is the perfect choice for a neutral design. It features a light grey and white roller blind that acts as a subtle backdrop to colourful decor. It can also create a complementary look for modern chic designs that use neutral shades like beige and ecru.

2. Amor Muted Teal with Haze Soft Grey Double Roller Blind

teal roller window blinds

The Amor Muted Teal with Haze Soft Grey Double Roller Blind is a two-in-one rockstar. Raise both blinds to drink in picturesque views. When you want more privacy, but still want some light, lower the light grey voile fabric. When nighttime comes, you can close the blackout teal fabric to prevent passersby from peering in your windows.

3. Amor Stormy Grey with Haze Soft Grey Double Roller Blind

grey living room roller blinds

Featuring a moody yet relaxing hue, our Amor Stormy Grey with Haze Soft Grey double roller blind is ideal for a calming aesthetic. It’s elegant and understated, making it easy to pair with existing decor. Installation is easy as pie too. Just mount the two roller blind brackets and the child safety mechanism and then enjoy your stunning window dressings.

4. Amor Shark Grey with Haze Pure Double Roller Blind

dark grey double roller blinds

This dark grey double roller blind is paired with a crisp white voile shade for maximum light control. It features a soothing colour palette and can be used in vibrant, print-heavy designs as well as muted aesthetics.

5. Amor Coffee with Haze Pure Double Roller Blind

coffee brown window blinds

Warm up your home with our Amor Coffee with Haze Pure Double Roller Blind. It features a creamy, brown hue with warm undertones. The result is a cosy addition to any space. Plus, the bright white voile fabric lets light in and naturally brightens the space.