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  1. Top Ideas for Expertly Designing Your Window Decorations

    Window decorations

    When you think of home decor, your first thought probably isn’t centered around your windows. Instead, you may think of furniture, paint colours, rugs, and art. However, window decorations are a key component of home design. In fact, window dressings can dramatically alter the look of any room. That’s why window blinds are among the best window decorations out there.


    Here, we’ve put together a handy guide to the best window decorations. From blinds and curtains to decorative elements for holidays and all year long, you’ll find fun design ideas to take your home style to new heights.

    Blinds and Curtains as Window Decorations

    window decorations living room

    When it comes to window decorations, blinds and curtains can quickly elevate your home. They ad

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  2. How to Use Blinds and Curtains Together for a Stunning Designer Look

    Blinds and curtains together

    Installing window treatments in your home will breathe new life into any design. Window dressings can instantly change a room or elevate an existing design to new heights. Best of all, installing window treatments isn’t a complicated task. That means you can dramatically change the look of your home without a lot of effort — simply by installing new blinds.


    But for many people, choosing the right blinds and curtains can be intimidating. After all, there are so many gorgeous designs to choose from! Plus, designs in magazines pair both window blinds and curtains together, making a cohesive design even trickier. But in this handy guide to using blinds and curtains together, you’ll find quick tips for a beautiful home design featuring multiple window treatments.

    How to Use Blinds and Curtains Together

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  3. 11 Window Coverings to Bring Your Interior Design Dreams to Life

    Window coverings

    Whether your gorgeous flat needs a facelift or you just signed the lease on your dream office space, you need the perfect window coverings to match your own, unique style. But with so many window treatments to choose from — blinds, shades, draperies, oh my — where do you begin your search?


    If your pulse escalates at the seemingly endless design options in front you, sit tight. We're about to peel back the curtains, and shine a little light on the various window coverings you can select for your home or office space.


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