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Monthly Archives: March 2021

  1. The Best Fabric for Roman Blinds: 6 Options for Different Priorities

    Variety of fabrics for roman blinds

    Not all window coverings are the same. In fact, different fabrics can mean the difference between a window treatment that can withstand sun damage and one that fades quickly with time. The same goes for damage caused by water and heat. Fabrics also use different textures to create varying aesthetics. Looking for the best fabric for roman blinds? We can help.

    Here, you’ll find tips on how to choose the best fabric for your elegant window treatment. You’ll discover the six most popular fabrics and learn about the pros and cons of each. Plus, you’ll find tips on when and where to use each fabric, plus where you can buy high-quality roman blinds.

    How To Choose Blind Fabric

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  2. Wide Roman Blinds: Selecting and Measuring for This Blind Style

    Closeup of blue wide roman blinds

    The idea that bigger is better, while classically associated with modern American design, also rings true for some Brits. Especially for those with Victorian homes or people who are looking to modernise existing decor. Whether you’re updating your home in line with trends that feature large glazing or looking for ways to decorate your Victorian bay windows, bigger can definitely be better. That’s where wide roman blinds come in.

    Wide roman blinds are designed to fit larger windows and cover conservatory windows that may be too big for other blind styles. Here, we'll show you the benefits of wide roman blinds and offer advice on how to style these window dressings. Plus, you’ll find tips on how to measure for a perfect fit and where to buy big, beautiful window blinds.

    How To Use Wide Roman Blinds

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  3. 9 Bathroom Window Ideas To Elevate Your Interior Design Style

    Bathroom window ideas: Bright and cheery bathroom with tub at centre

    Whether you just closed on a dreamy piece of real estate or you’re looking to give your long-time home a quick makeover, changing up your window dressings is a great way to reach your goals. Blinds and curtains are a particularly effective way to elevate a bathroom remodel, without having to struggle with ripping out tile or spending a ton of money. 

    With these bathroom window ideas, you’ll have your home looking its best in no time. Maybe your focus is on functional and practical blinds for your home bathroom. Or perhaps you prefer to take an aesthetic approach to your design with an eye on visual effects. Whatever the case, you’re sure to find design ideas that suit your fancy.

    How To Choose Bathroom Blinds

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  4. Your Guide for How To Dress a Bay Window With Blinds and Curtains

    Bay windows dressed with blinds and curtains in blue home

    Bay windows are a staple of Victorian decor — glorifying the design style’s affinity for grandeur, curved finishes and eye-catching statements. They’re beloved for their ability to bring light into a room and make small spaces feel larger. They are also a great way to draw attention to stunning views over cityscapes and rolling countrysides. The beauty and utility of bay windows mean they’re particularly common in British homes.

    While bay windows can be stunning, they can also be more difficult to dress for several reasons. Since the main appeal of these windows is their ability to bring light in, it can be hard to find window treatments that offer privacy, but don’t block out views completely. In addition, bay windows can be draughty, increasing the need for good window dressings to conserve heat.

    Fortunately, dressing your bay windows doesn’t have to be

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