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Monthly Archives: January 2021

  1. How To Put Up a Roller Blind: Your Step-By-Step Installation Guide

    Hand putting up a roller blind

    Hanging window blinds can seem like a scary endeavour — especially if you’re not familiar with power tools. Fortunately, installing roller blinds doesn’t have to be a complicated and frustrating experience. In fact, you can have roller blinds mounted in a matter of minutes, all without breaking a sweat.

    We’ve put together this guide on how to put up a roller blind to help you master the process like a pro. We’ll guide you through how to measure for the perfect sized roller blinds and offer tips on how to prepare for installation. Plus, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to install roller blinds and get contact information if you need extra assistance.

    Top Tips for Blind Installation Prep

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  2. Which Blinds Are Easiest To Clean? A Ranked List of Low-Maintenance Options

    Woman cleaning blinds with a pink cloth

    Your home design items — including window treatments — should be functional and stylish yet easy to maintain. No one wants to spend hours on end cleaning or maintaining window coverings. Especially when you can spend that time enjoying your family, chasing your passions and appreciating the things in life that really matter. Fortunately, there are several different blind styles that are not only gorgeous, but also low-maintenance and simple to clean.

    Here, we’ll show you which blinds are easiest to clean. Our ranked order will help you find everything from the lowest-maintenance blinds to some that require additional attention. That way, you can find the perfect balance between style and care to fit your personal preferences and home needs.

    Which Blinds Are Easiest To Clean?

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  3. The Best Blinds for Bay Windows: 6 Options To Get You Inspired

    Bay window with blinds closed

    Bay windows, once a key feature of Victorian-style and period homes, have made a comeback in modern architecture and design. These expansive windows protrude outward, creating the illusion of a bigger space and also allowing natural light to brighten your home. 


    While beautiful bay windows can make a stunning style statement, they also require special consideration when it comes to selecting the right window coverings. The last thing you want to do is pick a curtain or blind that covers up those picturesque views or minimises the style impact of bay windows.


    There are several different types of bay windows, with angles and bows that can make it difficult to select the perfect window treatment. Here, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you find the perfect blinds whether you have angled bay windows, square bay windows or multi-faceted windows. Discover the best blinds for bay windows and find out where you can purchase high-quality s

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  4. Top 5 Bathroom Roller Blinds, Plus Waterproof Styles

    Bathroom with roller blinds on window

    Roller blinds are among the most popular bathroom blinds. They offer a sleek and sophisticated silhouette and come in a huge range of colours and patterns to suit all tastes. Best of all, they feature different fabric styles so you can find a blackout fabric for complete privacy or a voile design that lets light filter in through your bathroom window.


    Here, we’ve put together a guide to the best bathroom roller blinds and other styles that are hardy enough to stand up to moisture in your home. You’ll find options from vibrant hues and neutral tones to pleated blinds and textured styles that complement any home design aesthetic. 


    The 5 Best Bathroom Roller Blinds


    Bathroom roller blinds are easy to roll up and down, making it easy to adjust privacy and light control as you need it. When you’re in the shower or yo

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  5. How To Choose the Best Blinds for Patio Doors

    Blinds on patio doors in living room

    Patio doors are a popular home design feature, especially among those who like the open space concept. The large glass panels can make your humble abode feel larger and more welcoming and allow more light in. While a stunning design element, glass doors can also pose challenges when it comes to selecting the right window treatments. 

    If you have patio doors, you know the struggle between having the right light control and privacy but still using the door with ease. Tangled window vanes, having to adjust the slats and making sure nothing gets caught in the corded mechanisms can be a real pain every time you want to use the door. 

    Fortunately, there are blinds for patio doors that enable you to add style, control light and still use the doors with ease. Here, we’ll show you the best blinds for patio doors and give you tips on what to consider so you can

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  6. Kitchen Blind Ideas: How To Choose Durable Styles That Will Last

    kitchen blind ideas

    Kitchens are notoriously wet and busy spaces. They’re where we whip up an afternoon snack, create tasty breakfasts for our loved ones and cook bangers and mash when we want some comfort food. Kitchens need durable tools and fixtures that can stand up to wear and tear and regular usage. 

    That means you need to select window blinds that can handle tough environments. Here, we’ll show you which types of blinds perform best in kitchens. You’ll also find kitchen blind ideas for styling so you can create the cooking space of your dreams.

    Kitchen Blind Ideas: What To Avoid

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  7. The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Blinds

    Different types of blinds

    From horizontal and vertical blinds to roman and roller shades, there are so many different types of blinds. We all love options, but too many options and suddenly shopping feels like a chore. And that's not what we're about. 

    It's time to put the fun back in functional living space. We're going to help you narrow down the options and find a style that offers the functionality you need. Here's a look at the different types of blinds and the pros and cons of each.  

    5 Different Types of Blinds and Their Features

    There's a reason there are so many different types of window blinds: Each style offers different light control and functionality. Here, we'll provide an overview of the five main types of blinds, including the options and features offered by each style, and the pros and cons of choosing one over the other. 

    1. Hor

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  8. How To Measure for Blinds: Measurements for 3 Types of Installations

    How to measure for blinds

    Before you can order that set of made-to-measure blinds you've been eyeing, you need to, well, measure. And since your blinds will be cut down to size, you need to know how to measure for blinds so you can get a perfect fit.

    You can't return made-to-measure blinds after they're cut, which means, if you get your measurements wrong, you'll be footing the bill for a second set of blinds. (Cue dramatic music.)  

    We're here to ensure that your measurements don't turn into a drama — or even a comedy. In fact, with this measuring guide, getting the exact measurements for your blinds will be so uneventful you won't even get a story out of it. But you will get perfectly fitted window blinds. 

    These measuring instructions go way beyond the old "measure twice, cut once" adage. (But seriously, do measure twice.) Here are the tools you need to gather, the decisions you

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