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Monthly Archives: August 2020

  1. Your Go-To Guide for Decorating With Wooden Venetian Blinds

    Wooden venetian blinds in a living room

    Natural elements are a great way to add stunning style and warmth to your home or office. Wooden features imbue a rich, elegant feel whether they’re deep mahogany or a light honey hue. While many people focus on wood elements when it comes to flooring and countertops, this natural component is just as gorgeous on windows. Wooden window blinds aren’t just beautiful; they’re also durable, versatile and boost privacy.

    Learn how you can decorate your home using natural elements with this handy guide to wooden venetian blinds. You’ll learn more about what makes wooden blinds unique and discover the best places and ways to use wooden window dressings.

    What Are Wooden Venetian Blinds?

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  2. Showcase Your Windows With Shutter Blinds and These Alternatives

    Shutter blinds in high windows

    Nothing can stop guests in their tracks quite like stunning window treatments. Window blinds can help to frame in your space, bringing the attention to gorgeous views or adding style and colour that pairs perfectly with a room’s palette. They also offer light control and privacy so you can maximize the ways you enjoy your home. Some of the most eye-catching blinds include shutter blinds and similar alternatives. They invoke visions of grandeur and elegance and can be customized to fit modern or classic styles.

    Here, we’ll show you the basics of shutter blinds including the different styles and how they’re made. You’ll also discover high-quality alternatives to shutter blinds and get tips on where to use these stunning window treatments.

    What Are Shutter Blinds?

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  3. Our 4 favourite Minimalist Living Rooms

    Our 4 favourite Minimalist Living Rooms

    Minimalism is an ever popular home decor style. Focused on reducing clutter and creating a calm, tranquil space for you to relax. 

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  4. The Ultimate Guide on How to Clean Vertical Blinds

    How to clean vertical blinds: Closeup of blinds

    If you’ve noticed a build-up of dust and dirt on your vertical blinds, it’s time to give them a good clean. Vertical blinds may attract less dust than other types, but they still need a clean every now and again.

    To help you refresh your blinds and keep them looking new, follow this simple guide on how to clean vertical blinds. 

    What to Know Before You Begin

    Before you start cleaning your vertical blinds, you’ll want to double-check which materials they’re made from. Fabric vertical blinds can be washed by hand or in the washing machine, while wooden blinds shouldn’t be soaked at all. It’s also a good idea to read the manufacturer’s notes to see whether you can machine wash your blinds.

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  5. Our Door Blinds Buying Guide and Inspiration for Your Home

    Door blinds in grey and white room

    We often think about changing paint colours or adding new furniture to refresh the look of the room. An overlooked way to transform a space is to invest in new door blinds. Whether you opt for a seamless, timeless design to match your doors or a bold colour to add interest, it’s a great way to update your home.

    Find the best door blinds for your living space with our helpful guide. We’ll take you through everything you need to know about buying for french doors, patio doors, and interior doors. Plus, we’ll share the top picks from our made-to-measure blinds for each style.

    Best Blinds for French Doors and Bifold Doors

    With french doors or bifold doors, it can often feel like your options are limited as you need to make sure you can still slide or fold out each door

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  6. Our 4 Favourite Rustic Farmhouse Style Living Rooms

    Our 4 Favourite Rustic Farmhouse Style Living Rooms

     The soft light gives this room a cosy scandinavian atmosphere. The brick wall also helps to add some more personality to an already gorgeous space.

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  7. Your Guide to the Best Bathroom Blinds for Different Window Types

    A modern bathroom with roller blinds as the bathroom blinds

    You might not consider your bathroom to be the most stylish room in your home, but it’s a great space to use decor and window dressings to increase aesthetics. While it’s easy to add a vase or a cosy towel display, home decor in a bathroom requires thinking about water and moisture. When it comes to window blinds, there are several options that are moisture-resistant and can add beauty and practicality to your bathroom.

    Looking for stylish bathroom blinds that offer privacy and light control? You’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll show you the best bathroom blinds for different types of windows and needs. Whether you want to increase privacy, let light filter in or install blinds that can get wet without warping, you’ll find what you’re looking for on this list.

    Your Guide to the Best Bathroom Blinds

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  8. Modern Home Decor : Get The Look

    Modern Home Decor : Get The Look

    What do you think of when you hear the term ‘modern decor’? Clean lines, stripped back spaces and neutral colours all spring to mind - in a word, simplicity. Contemporary interior design is all about keeping accessories and colours to a minimum, and letting your room sing. 

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  9. 5 Home Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

    5 Home Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

    Small spaces are transformed through clever lighting. Overhead lighting is quick and practical, but highlight corners in shadow with table lamps and fairy lights to visually open out your space. Similarly, choose window coverings with care - semi-sheer fabrics like voile can be great for daytime rooms, as they soften passing sunlight without fully obscuring it. Finally, consider placing large mirrors around the room to reflect lightfall and amplify brightness.

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