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Bedroom Roman Blinds

Blackout Bedroom Roman Blinds

The Romans needed a way of preventing dust from entering their homes and shading themselves from the blistering mediterraean sunlight, and so they created what we now know as roman blinds , and all these years later they are still going strong (the blinds that is not the Romans!), and we’re not surprised. Roman blinds are perfect for bedrooms as they are a soft furnishing, and they look beautiful in your window. The soft finish makes them ideal for pairing with cushions, bedding or other furniture in your bedroom, and if chosen with a blackout lining, this will stop all of the light from passing through the fabric, helping give you a better environment to fall asleep within, so you don’t have to worry about street lights keeping you up at night! They are also perfect for smaller windows that could be overwhelmed by a pair of bulky curtains or veils but without loosing the aesthetic you had before. With a timeless, classic design that never go out of fashion, roman blinds come in a range of colours and patterns to give you a greater choice of blind to put in your bedroom window. To keep your roman blinds looking their best simply give them a gentle wipe clean every now and again!

You can also see all of our blackout roman blinds here. Just select the blackout lining when entering your sizes and the blind will stop all of the light from passing through it, ideal for a bedroom!