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Bathroom Wooden Blinds

Wooden Venetian Blinds For Bathrooms

Having a range of wooden blinds suitable for the bathroom is a must, and the range you see above are all fully suited to being installed in a bathroom window. Made from a composite PVC, these blinds are fully moisture resistant, perfect for installing next to a shower, bath or just in a very humid bathroom. Coming in a maximum width of 260cm, and in either a 35mm or 50mm wide slat, these blinds can be used to cover either the widest bathroom window. Pair your new blind with, or without tapes, and style your window how you want. This flexibility can help give you the bathroom of your dreams, so if your someone who’s very picky about the style of your blinds, and want them to suit your bathroom to a T, wooden blinds might be the right choice for you.

These faux wood blinds are better as bathroom blinds than their real wood counterparts, as over time the real wood can start to absorb moisture from the air. This isn’t something you’ll ever have to think about with these wooden bathroom blinds, they can be fully drenched with water without any issues at all, and they are also more resistant to humidity and heat, so durability definitely won’t be an issue. And they offer the same aesthetic and feel as real wood, just without the fuss! They are also a great insulator, keeping your bathroom warmer in the winter and preventing those bright sun rays from getting through in the summer, keeping it nice and cool, so to recap, versatile, practical, great insulators, easy to maintain, and look pretty damn cool, wooden blinds are a good choice for any bathroom!