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Bathroom Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Bathroom Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are one of the best types for a bathroom; they are made from aluminium so they can come into direct contact with water without the worry that they will become damaged or rust. All of our blinds are powder coated to give them their colour, helping to protect them from the water, so won’t have to worry about getting them wet! And in a bathroom that’s pretty important I’m sure you’ll agree. Just like virtually all of our blinds they are low maintenance, can be simply wiped clean and are moisture resistant so they are an ideal choice.

Venetian blinds are also fairly easy to install, which is always a plus, they have a classic design and a sleek, sophisticated look, which never goes out of style, they are also very customizable as they are available in a large variety of colours, you can get the perfect bathroom blind.

Venetian blinds also offer the perfect balance between privacy and light control. The horizontal slats also let you filter and control the light, meaning with a quick pull of the cord you can go from letting the light in, to a darker and more private room – just what you want in a bathroom, especially on those bright summer mornings that can leave you squinting, the second you walk in (we all know the feeling), or when you want to switch up the mood, pull the cord until the shutters are closed, light some candles and relax in the bathtub. Even if you just want to let a little light in you can adjust the shutters as you wish, perfect for all occasions!