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Wooden Venetian blinds in a window with black tapes

Everything you need to know about our Wooden and Faux Wood Venetian Blinds, here we’ve got articles covering your most common questions, How-To guides, and Inspiration guides to help you find your perfect wooden blinds. for your home.

Our Top Pics 

Our most popular and most read Wooden Blind articles from the last 30 days.

Wooden blinds in a bathroom window

Sometimes products have limitations, and wooden blinds are no exception. Read about the best way to cover a large window with wooden blinds.

A close up of some cream Venetian slats

It's a question down to personal preference, but one we get asked all the time - have a read and see what you think about wooden blinds with or without tapes.

Our Latest Article

In our latest article, we answer one of our most common questions regarding our wooden blinds with tapes – How many tapes will be on my blind? Well the good news is that now we have a handy chart that will explain exactly how many tapes will be on your blind.


Tape Spacing On Wooden Blinds

One of our more commonly asked questions is how many tapes will be on the wooden blinds I’m about to buy? In our images it shows 2 or 3, but on a wider blind, that number increases. We’ve put together some tables to show you the number of tapes that will be on your blind once made.

Wooden blind tape spacing.


Wooden blinds with white tapes in a living room window

How-To Guides 

Stuck on something, not sure how to measure for your new blind – or you just need to know exactly what drill bit to use when drilling into the different types of walls – well, with our handy How-To guide you’ll have the answer in no time!

Be Inspired 

Struggling to work out exactly what you want at home? Have a look at our Inspiration guides to see how you can spruce up and improve your home – we’re here to help, not just to sell blinds.

Everything Else

What is a wooden Venetian Blind? You’ve heard of aluminium Venetian blinds, but wooden and faux wood blinds? Have a read to clear up any confusion.

Kitchen Wooden Blinds – Whats the best option when looking for wooden blinds for your kitchen? Have a read and find out.

A closeup of the grey wooden slats

Faux Wood is the Future – Find out why we love our Faux Wood blinds, and why they are so popular right now!

A white wooden blind in a kitchen window with white vertical tapes

Why Choose Wooden Blinds? – Sounds simple, but why should you choose wooden blinds for your home?

White Venetian slats close-up

Wood Impression Blinds – What are they and why do they matter? Read on to find out more.

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