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About Venetian Blinds

“Venetians give you maximum control over the light  “

When looking for Venetian blinds, we want you to forget everything you may already know about them. Get rid of the pre-conceived ideas that these blinds are only suitable for offices. Old, thin and flimsy metal Venetians that you see on films with people peering through onto the streets outside. Ours are way cooler.

Those old blinds are gone.

We have a huge range of bright and colourful aluminium Venetian blinds. These are completely different to the dull and boring ones associated with offices from years gone by. With everything from a bright pillar box red – right through to mint green and bright orange. We really do have all the colours of the rainbow right here for you to choose from. With our range there is no reason to settle for beige or silver anymore.

Venetian blinds are a really practical way to take control of the light entering your home. With one control to raise or lower the blind, and another to tilt the slats, you can adjust your blind to block or filter the light as needed. These blinds are also great for privacy. If you still want light entering the room – but don’t want people looking in, then all you need to do is angle the slats up or down to give you privacy. So if you have a room looking onto a road or need privacy in the bathroom, then our made to measure Venetian blinds are a perfect choice for you.

Our Real Wood Venetian blinds and Aluminium Venetian blinds come with the option to have your controls where you need them. Either have the tilt control on the right, with the raise on the left. You can have them the opposite way around, or you can have both controls on the left or the right. This can be useful if you are putting these in a bay window, and need the controls on a certain side or if you can only access the window on the left or the right of the window.

Installing is a breeze too, we have our quick installation video for you below. With just 2 brackets you can have your new Venetian blind up and installed in minutes. We work out exactly how many brackets you need for each blind and these can be used to install onto the top, or the face of your window.

So let’s look at each of these benefits one by one:

Made to measure – Well this almost goes without saying – who wouldn’t want made to measure venetian blinds for their home? No cutting or trimming required, just the perfect blinds for your window every time. With a few simple measurements you can get the exact size you need – and delivered to your door too.

Privacy when you need it – With our Venetian blinds, just a simple twist can block the view outside and give you the privacy you need. This gives you the option to allow light in, and retain your privacy or just block off the outside world with a simple twist. By angling the slats up or down you allow the light in but stop prying eyes seeing in. Perfect if you look out onto a street or a view you would rather not look at.

Moisture resistant – Our aluminium venetian blinds are suitable for bathrooms and above the kitchen sink. This  gives you even more flexibility in where you install them. Being bathroom suitable, and giving you the privacy required means that you can get exactly what you need from your blind.

Huge Range – With our range of bright and bold colours you can really make a statement in your home. Why not opt for something lively like the Tahiti Blue or our yellow 25mm aluminium venetian. With such a range to choose from there’s nothing to stop you being bold with your choice!

As with all of of our products we are happy to send out as many samples as you need until you find the shade or colour that works for you. If you have any questions about our blinds, need help with the measuring or are looking for some advice then please start a web chat with us (bottom right corner of the page) or give us a ring on 0800 368 8441.

“Venetian blinds don’t just belong in an office anymore, with bright colours and different textures you can really mix things up”

Learn more about our venetian blinds in the video below


But wait!

What if you don’t want aluminium Venetian blinds? Well, that’s a great question. We have a couple more options that may interest you. How about some of our real wooden Venetian blinds made to measure? Or our made to measure faux wood blinds. Both of these are extremely popular and will look fantastic in your home. Have a look at the links below to find out more about each type of blind.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Our extensive range of real wood blinds gives you almost unlimited options to choose from. Our wooden blinds are sustainably sourced and made from 100% real wood. Pair your wooden blinds with a classy and stylish tape to perfect your look. With a range of coloured tapes to choose from or if you opt to keep the slats plain we have the ones for you. With a maximum width of 2400mm, you will need to split one larger window into smaller sections if you need to cover it fully. However, these blinds are ideal for bay windows and for fitting inside the recess.

Faux Wood Blinds

Our faux wood blinds are made from plastic, with the woodgrain embossed into them. This option makes them perfect for installing in damp or humid environments, such as the bathroom or kitchen. These have a real wood grain finish to them but come in at a lower price than the real wood blinds. With our faux woods, we can make them up to 2600mm wide and they still come with a range of tape options.

So if you have any questions about your Venetian blinds, or are not sure exactly what to go for then please give us a ring on 0800 368 8441 and our support team will be happy to help. We can even send out as many free samples as you require to help you make up your mind. That’s aluminium, real wood and faux wood slats.