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MMB Skylight Blinds

If you have a skylight or roof window in your home you may have thought about installing a blind and giving yourself some much-needed shade during the day, or to stop the sun completely in the early morning summer sun.

If you’ve looked at the price of Real Velux blinds you may have had a bit of a shock, but with Make My Blinds we have got a great alternative for you. Being made specifically for each window code, our skylight blinds are perfect no matter what window you have or the age of it. We have put this page together with the list of codes, glass sizes and how to install the blinds so that you can get on with ordering, installing and relaxing after a job well done.

Our replacement blinds are not made by the manufacturer but are a high-quality replacement at a fraction of the price of a branded one. Coming in 8 colours and with a brushed aluminium frame, these are simple to install and will give you great looking roof window blinds.

Velux Blind Codes

The biggest brand for skylight windows, the brand has become synonymous with all roof windows across the world. In fact they are such a big company most people are surprised to learn there are other bands out there on the market! Having been around for over 75 years means they know a thing or two about quality and reliability, we have helped customers who still have a Velux window that’s over 30 years old.

With a Velux window, you will be able to find the code on the inside of the window frame, it should look like the plate below but may be in a slightly different format depending on the age of the window. The code is in 2 parts, we need the 2nd part, so either a number ‘1’ or ‘304’ or a code like ‘MK04’. The first page, which is made up from 3 letters, is all to do with the location of the hinge. Our blinds work will all hinge types so you don’t need to worry about this part when ordering. Just look for the last part of the code and order based on that. In the image below it’s the ‘Window Size’ that you need to use when selecting your new blind.

If you can’t find your code then don’t worry, simply measure the visible glass and compare it to the table below. From there you can order the blind that’s right for you. Find your new Velux Blind HERE.

Keylite Blinds

Another brand of skylights is Keylite, they are another leading brand for roof windows. Their codes follow a simple number system, starting at with the ‘Keylite 1’ and working up from there. Like Velux blinds, the code you will need to find is on the inside of the window frame when you open the window, usually on the top of the frame holding the glass. If it’s not there then you can always measure the glass size and use the chart below to find the size of the blind required. Our Keylite Blind Listing has all the codes listed below for you to choose from. Again, these come in 8 blackout colours. Find your new Keylite Blind HERE.

Fakro Blinds

Again, another manufacturer of roof windows, these are a great brand and one that will last for years to come. Our blackout blinds are not Fakro branded, but a high-quality replacement that will help to save you up to 50% compared to the branded version. If you are looking for your size it’s on the plaque attached to the inside of your window, the 2nd part shows the sizes (below) which you can then compare to our sizing chart below. If you can’t find your code or size on the plaque then please measure the visible glass size and compare it to the chart below. With the Fakro blinds you can also measure the width and length of your frame to double check – all in the chart below! Find your new Fakro Blinds HERE.

Rooflite/Dakstra Blinds

We have put these two companies together as they use exactly the same codes for the same sized windows (Keeps things simple!). Again, to find the code just open the window and on the plate will be a code matching the table below, or if you can’t find the code then just measure the visible glass size and use the chart below to work out the correct blind for you. All of these blinds come in 8 blackout colours for you to choose from and are not a branded Rooflite/Dasktra blind, but our own version. Find your new Rooflite or Dasktra Blinds HERE.

If you need ANY help with working out your code or blind size please feel free to send us a photo or give us a ring on 0800 368 8441 – our customer service team will do all they can to make sure you get the right blind for your window.