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Made to Measure Blinds Vs. Shop Bought Blinds

When thinking about how you are going to cover your window there are a few things to first consider. Do you want curtains, blinds or both? Do you need them to blend into the room or are they going to be a feature? If going for blinds, what style, colour, size do you need to choose. And then – where do you buy them from. If you are choosing blinds, then made to measure blinds are the easiest and most professional way of covering your home windows. You can buy blinds from high street shops, but often you will need to take them home, measure your window and cut the new blinds you have just bought down to size. This often leads to frayed material, incorrect sizes, wonky or poorly cut fabric – not a good experience all round.

With Make My Blinds we have simplified this process into 5 simple steps:

  1. Measure your home windows – all we need to know is the width and the drop of the window.
  2. Browse from 100’s of options on our site (you can even request free fabric samples).
  3. Choose your fabric, enter your measurements and check out – we then make your blinds to your exact specification.
  4. Sit back and wait for the delivery.
  5. Install your new blinds and enjoy.

We handmade your blinds to your exact specifications and deliver them to your door in 5-7 working days. With Make My Blinds we are making buying blinds online simple so with installation as easy as drilling 4 holes for the screws, all you have to do is install the brackets and clip the blind into place. Easy peasy.

“We are making made to measure simple”

Customer service is an attitude, not a job

Lets just take a moment to compare buying a made to measure blind online, vs. buying from a high street retailer. Just look at the benefits made to measure has over buying from a shop.

Made to Measure Benefits

Made to your exact specifications
Free samples posted to your door
No frayed edges, only the best materials are used
4 year guarantee
Wide range to choose from – 100’s of blinds to choose from
No cutting required
Mismeasurement protection
Expert advice

Shop Bought Benefits

Cut down by hand
No samples available
Cutting by hand can leave edges wonky or frayed.
Limited guarantee
Limited choice in the shop
Do it yourself
Your fault if you mess it up
Limited advice

Looking at each of these we can see there is a clear benefit to buying your new made to measure blinds from Make My Blinds. But we have broken it down further below to help show you exactly what the benefits mean to you.

Made to measure Vs. Cutting to size by hand – With out specialist machinery we can cut and tailor your new blinds to the exact millimeter required. Unlike a pair of scissors, we ensure a perfectly straight cut, without fraying. So for all of our made to measure roller blinds, we use a ultrasonic machines to cut the fabric to the right size. This is way more sophisticated than scissors are and ensure a perfect, fray-free roller blind every time. Unlike cutting by hand we have the expertise and machinery to give you a perfect cut and blind – without worry of messing it up yourself.

Free Samples – We love to shout about this little offer we have going on – FREE SAMPLES of any of our blinds. So not only do we have 1000’s of fabrics to choose from, we also can send you a free sample to make sure you are happy with the fabric before ordering. How good is that? And you know, if you are not sure quite what fabric you are looking for then just chat to one of our customer support team and they can help advise the best fabric for you. So if you are looking for made to measure roller blinds, or made to measure venetian blinds – we can send out samples for both. These are always sent by 1st class post to be with you the next day.

4 year guarantee – So if you buy a blind from a large retail store, you’ll get a short guarantee or warranty on the product. But nowhere near the 4 years we offer! That’s 1460 days of guarantee. Good luck finding that anywhere else. We offer an unbeatable 4 year guarantee on all parts and components (outside of usual wear and tear). That’s how much we believe in the blinds we make and the quality we offer to you.

Huge Range – Because we don’t have to hold stock on a shelf (in the traditional sense) we can hold a huge number of fabrics, slats and blind components just waiting to be turned into your next blind. We only start to manufacture your blind once you place your order, so you can be sure that when it arrives it’s been made only for you. So unlike a large DIY store where they only offer what is on the shelf in the store that day – we have our entire range just waiting for your order.

Lower Cost – When buying from a high street shop you have to remember that you are paying towards the overheads, the rent and the upkeep of the shop. Along with paying for the time for someone to come out and measure, and the time for them to come and install. Being online we don’t have shops to heat and staff – meaning we can offer you the lowest prices around. With our how to guides and how to videos you can see just how simple buying made to measure blinds really is. We help you save money and time when you buy online.

Hopefully that’s got you thinking about buying blinds online and what the benefits are. If you have any questions about fitting your new made to measure blinds, how to measure, choice of blinds, how to install, warranty, delivery times or just fancy a chat- then please give us a ring on 0800 368 8441. Just to help make things simple for you, we have included some of our most popular categories below for you to have a browse through.