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How to chose the right blinds for your bathroom

Bathrooms are important places in the home, they are a place you can relax and unwind after a long day. So isn’t it important that you make this room look and feel special? Bathrooms present a few challenges when it comes to blinds, the changing humidity, the potential to become wet and at the same time they also need to give you privacy. With all of this to consider it can be hard to get it right. That’s why we have put together this list of blind types, and what will – and won’t work in your bathroom. With our made to measure bathroom blinds you can be sure you are getting the best blinds for bathrooms, in the exact size you need. No more cutting to size.

Blinds that can deal with the humidity

Humidity can be a killer for fabrics and wood. The constant change from dry to damp air means that fabrics can become damaged and wooden blinds can warp – not what you want for your blinds. The simplest way to overcome this is by installing a blind that is moisture resistant. Our ever expanding range of bathroom blinds means you will be spoilt for choice, with a bathroom suitable range available within each of our blind categories, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you like the look of real wood then choose one of our Faux wood blinds to keep the style, but maintain the durability. If it’s a simple, but durable roller blind then we have a huge range of colours to choose from.


Blinds give you privacy

It goes without saying, bathrooms are private places and you need a blind that will offer you this. We suggest either opting for a blackout blind or one made from thicker material. If you opt for a light, thin blind we can’t guarantee your privacy. The benefit of the thicker materials is that they are mostly all waterproof or moisture resistant blinds – just what you need in a bathroom. But let’s take the guess work out of it, with our guides below you’ll be looking at only the best bathroom blinds available.


“Bathrooms should be a place to relax and unwind”

Blinds that are stylish

Style is just as important as the other two points. Why opt for something you’re not happy with? With our huge range of made to measure bathroom blinds you’ll never be short of styles to choose from. If you are looking for something like a wooden venetian, then why not opt for a faux wood blind – these have the style of a wooden blind, but with the durability to go into a bathroom. Every range we offer has a moisture resistant option – meaning your bathroom won’t go without.

bathooms get hot and steamy - our blinds can deal with it

“Don’t let humidity ruin your fabrics”

If you need any help or advice around choosing the best bathroom blinds, then please give us a call so we can help. Our customer service number is 0800 368 8441. Remember, we can send out as many blind samples as you need to help you make your decision. Just add your sample from the product pages and we will post them to you next day delivery. With so many bathroom suitable blinds you can really make yours something to show off and relax within. Use the blind to make a statement with a strong colour choice. But let’s take a look at each of the options in more detail to really see the benefits of each blind type.


Vertical Blinds:

Vertical blinds are a great way to take control of the light entering your bathroom. Being able to turn each vertical slat means that you can angle them to allow light in, whilst still giving you privacy. With our range of PVC vertical blinds you can be sure that these will last for years to come. And with a bright and colourful range to choose from you can add some flare to your room. No longer are vertical blinds just for offices, with a huge range of colours to choose from we can help finish off the style and colour scheme of the room you require.


Roller Blinds:

Roller blinds are a great option for bathrooms, they are one of the best blinds for bathrooms due to their durability, range of patterns and colours and their simplicity. With blackout options available, along with patterned fabrics, block colours and all with the option of being made to measure, these blinds are a great choice.


Real wood blinds:

We advise against these in a bathroom, especially in smaller ones. The kiln dried basswood that they are made from is susceptible to humidity, and over time will warp due to the moisture in the air. If you love the look then have a look at our Faux wood blinds. These have the same look as the real wood, but are moisture resistant blinds. Perfect for a bathroom, or above a kitchen sink.


Faux Wood Blinds:

These are (in our opinion) the best looking waterproof bathroom blinds available. They give the same look as real wood, but being made from a high quality PVC, these are not liable to rust, warp or degrade over time. These are so good that they can be washed if they become dirty as the slats are fully waterproof. This also makes them a great choice if you need a waterproof blind for a shower window. This can otherwise be a hard window to cover. With the faux wood blinds you can leave the slats in a part-opened position to maintain privacy whilst still allowing light in. Coming in a range of plain, or textured slats we have an impressive range to make sure you find the perfect blind for you.


Aluminium Venetian Blinds:

These are a great way to take control of the light coming into the bathroom. These can be used anywhere in the bathroom as the coated aluminium slats won’t rust when exposed to water or humidity. The bright and bold colours in our range can compliment any colour scheme you’ve opted for. Use these to give you privacy, whilst allowing the light in at the same time. Simply tilting the slats upwards can give you this effect.


So with all of our blind styles there is a bathroom suitable blind, or similar alternative. Blinds are always more popular as a bathroom window covering than curtains, just because of the impracticality of heavy and thick material absorbing all the moisture in the room. By opting for made to measure bathroom blinds you can be sure that you are getting a perfect fit for your window. What’s more we offer free samples of any of our moisture resistant blind fabrics and slats, meaning you can find the perfect colour to match in with your bathroom. What are you waiting for? With all this new found knowledge lets start shopping! We’ve included links to each bathroom blind below to make things simple for you. 

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