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How to choose blinds for your kitchen

Your kitchen is arguably one of the most important rooms in the home – it’s where we cook, eat, socialise and spend a surprising amount of time. So isn’t it right that you choose the most suitable kitchen blinds? Here at Make My Blinds we are passionate about all things blind related, so in this article we are going to focus on the best blinds for a kitchen and how to find the perfect ones. As the kitchen is so important there are several factors we need to look at when deciding on some blinds:

– The size of your kitchen

– The positioning of your windows

– How closely your blind will be located to the sink or oven?

– Is there a view to admire?

– Do you need to control the sunlight?

– Do you need privacy?

Or is it that you simply looking to add to the room with a decorative kitchen blind. Whatever your need Make My Blinds has solutions for all of these and more with our extensive range. Later on we will look at the options for each of the above points.

One thing to check on is making sure the blind is moisture resistant, with all of the steam and humidity that often builds up in a kitchen you need to be sure that you chosen blinds won’t be affected. This doesn’t mean you need to write any styles off – for example, if you wanted some Wooden Venetians as your kitchen blinds, then we recommend opting for the faux wood options. If you are looking for a roller blind then opt for one that is moisture resistant. Checking for these features means you will enjoy your blind for years to come without worry. Every style of blind has a moisture-resistant option, (except Roman blinds), but even then if the blind is far enough away, or you have good ventilation they will still be fine. It’s just something to keep in mind when choosing your new made to measure kitchen blind.

kitchen is the heart of the home

So back to our main points, and to help give you some kitchen blind ideas:

– The size of your kitchen. With a large kitchen the windows become more dominant and can lead to them becoming much more of a feature in the room. On larger windows we would suggest either something bold and bright, matching in with the decor. Or opting for something lighter, like white vertical blinds.

– The positioning of your windows. If you are lucky enough to have the sun shining into the room then you may want to think about taking control with some venetian blinds. With our aluminium and faux wood venetian blinds you can tilt the slats to suit you. This means you can direct the light where you need it. Or when it gets dark, just close them completely to give you some privacy.

– How closely your blind will be located to the sink or oven? If your blinds are going to be above the sink then you might want to look at our moisture resistant options. These will be best at repelling any humidity or splashes from the sink. With a huge range of moisture resistant blinds you won’t be missing out.

– Is there a view to admire? If you have a great view out of your window then you’ll probably want to maintain this. In this instance something like a roller blind, which can be pulled all the way up to reveal the view. Or vertical blinds, which can be pulled aside might be your best options. Also with vertical blinds you can tilt them as needed to give you privacy and control over the light entering your kitchen.

– Do you need privacy? If you need your privacy, but also need the light during the day they venetian or vertical blinds for your kitchen will be best. These allow you to let the light in but when tilted correctly will stop people looking in. Ideal if you face onto a street or are overlooked by neighbours.

We thought we would give you a helping hand and have chosen some of our most popular kitchen blinds for you below. As mentioned above, these 3 are all ideal for kitchens and depending on your need work in different ways. All are made to measure kitchen blinds, and all will be made just for your windows. Use the roller blind if you just need a simple way to block the light and give yourself privacy at night, whilst maintaining the view during the day. The Faux wood blind is ideal when opting for a modern kitchen blind, or when looking for some class and sophistication in the room, along with taking control of the light. And then use vertical blinds when you need to take control of the light entering your room, whilst maintaining privacy. With the simple twist wand on the side you can angle the vanes and allow as much or as little light in as you need. They can also be pulled back to open the window up and reveal the view outside.

Whatever your requirement we have a blind for you

Overall there is no one best blind for a kitchen, but there is a best kitchen blind for your room and situation Regardless of your need we have a blind suitable for you. If you need to brighten the room up, or fancy a change of colour then we have a huge range of colourful blinds for you. Or why not brighten your kitchen up with some of our bright and colourful pattern blinds? Or opt for a bold and bright blind? Whatever your style or kitchen colour we have something for you. Remember we can send you as many samples as you need so that you can find the right blind for you. With this service you can be 100% sure on what you are ordering and make sure that the colour is right for you. We’ve chosen a few of our favourites for you already below but there are 100’s more to choose from.