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    About Our Vertical Blinds

    “Vertical blinds are no longer just for offices”

    For too long vertical blinds have been the boring bread and butter blind of the office or commercial world. And that’s great – if you are an office, but we’re talking about your home. We want you to forget this pre-set idea that verticals are old and boring because we have some bold and bright colours for you to choose from! These are not just your standard white or cream blinds. We are here to mix things up and make, made to measure vertical blinds cool again! Say goodbye to beige and embrace the colour!

    Now, ‘practical blinds’ might not sound cool or sexy but trust us – vertical blinds are the best if you want to control the light entering your room. With the ability to turn the vertical slats with just the pull of a cord, you’ll be master of the light before you know it. And that’s just the start; these blinds can also be chosen to open and bunch to the left, right or to split down the middle and bunch evenly on either side – simply draw the blinds back to reveal the view. You can also use these blinds to cover a patio door or a full-length window, we can make these blinds anywhere up to 5m x5m in size (the largest we can make), but for most people, a standard patio door can be covered quickly and with ease. As always these blinds are child safe, so there is nothing to worry about if you have little ones in the house.

    With such a bright and bold range of verticals to choose from what more could you want from a blind? We have a huge range of moisture resistant vertical blinds, blackout slats, dimout and flame retardant vertical blinds – all on our site just waiting to be chosen by you.

    Verticals are possibly one of the most versatile and easy to use blinds available. Made of vertical strips of fabric, these blinds give you total control over the light entering your room. Coming in a wide range of colours and patterns, these blinds are easy to install and use, and can transform the look of your room. As mentioned earlier, our made to measure vertical blinds can be made up to 5 meters wide and 5 meters long, so you can cover so pretty huge windows with these. (You’ll need to give us a call to order these).

    A moisture resistant vertical blind in a bathroom
    A pink vertical blind in a living room

    “Verticals can be used in bathrooms too”

    So let’s have a look at each of these properties and explain why they are so important to think about whilst choosing your new blinds.

    Moisture Resistant – Looking for some vertical blinds for your bathroom? All of our ‘Splash’ blinds are moisture resistant, making them the perfect blind for installing above a kitchen sink or in a humid bathroom. They can withstand humidity and direct splashes, so you can rest assured these will last for years to come. Being moisture resistant means you’ve got some great options for vertical bathroom blinds. Verticals are a great option in bathrooms as you can have the privacy you need, whilst still letting light in. This also means you can chose blackout bathroom vertical blinds if you need that additional layer of privacy in the bathroom.

    Blackout – The Unilux and our Vitra range are both 100% blackout fabrics. These are perfect for a bedroom as they will help to block any light entering your room, making them ideal if you are a light sleeper. Pair vertical blackout blinds with an extra layer of cover, like curtains, to block any extra light that seeps in around the sides. These thicker slats of fabric are ideal for any room in your home, but we recommend vertical blackout blinds in bedrooms, and with our large range – you’ll be spoilt for choice.

    Privacy– With the ability to spin verticals open or closed, you can control the light entering your room while maintaining privacy in your home. This is perfect if you have a window facing onto a road or one that is overlooked from a neighbour’s window. Simply turning the slats gives you the option of light and a view, or a reduced amount of light, while maintaining your privacy. Verticals are also great when you are unfortunate to have a window that overlooks a less appealing view. If you keep the slats turned at 45 degrees you maintain the amount of light is coming in, while obscuring the view.

    With these benefits, you can see why made to measure vertical blinds are worth a second look. Gone are the old, boring and characterless verticals of old. And in with the new, bright and vibrant colours. These really are a breath of fresh air, and when you combine all their properties, you have a truly versatile blind.

    Looking for vertical blinds for bay windows? Well, you are in luck, all of our vertical blinds can be installed in a bay window. And what’s more, we have put together this great guide on how to install these within a bay. Verticals in a bay window give you the option of light and privacy, and are ideal if you have a window that overlooks a road or pavement that you would rather keep hidden from view. These are a staple up and down the country, but by choosing a bright and funky colour, you can set your home apart from the rest.

    So there you have it, with all of our colours, patterns and blackout blinds on offer – vertical blinds make so much sense when looking for a new blind. Remember, we offer free samples of all of our fabrics – shipped out to you by 1st class post, so you’ll be able to decide and have your new blinds sooner than you think.

    If you have any questions about our vertical blinds then please just give us a call on 0800 368 8441, and we will be happy to help. Also to make thinks simple we have added the links to the full range below – so go on, get browsing!