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About Our Roller Blinds

Roller blinds in a kitchen window

Here at Make My Blinds we have been working hard to bring you the highest quality roller blinds available, but without the added cost. There are 3 very important things to look for with roller blinds, and this is where we excel – we love everything to do with blinds and so being experts on the subject we thought we would share that info with you. We’ve put together this list of all things that we think you should know about when it comes to making a decision around what roller blinds you should opt for.

High quality components

With some of the cheaper blinds available online, you will find that they are made with a cardboard or plastic tube in the middle to hold the fabric. This is great at saving you money, but won’t hold out for long. Even with daily use these can weaken and break over time. All of our roller blinds come with a high quality, and long lasting aluminium tube, this not only is harder wearing but will also last for years to come. That’s why we offer an unrivaled 4 year guarantee on all our blinds. It all comes down to the simple things – if we use better components, your blind will last longer, so we can offer a longer guarantee. Everyone is then happy.

Made to Measure

All of our blinds are made from scratch to your exact size and specification. Some retailers out there will take a pre-made roller blind and cut it to size. With ours we start from scratch. So if you need a roller blind that is 1234mm wide and 1234mm long, we make it from scratch to that exact size. What’s the benefit of this? It means that every blind is bespoke and tailor made blinds just for you. All of this whilst still at a fraction of the cost of getting them from the high street. Oh and perfect blinds every time. No cutting required. We do have the unfortunate issue of lead times, but unlike most things online, our blinds are made for you. They are not piled high in a warehouse waiting for someone to come along and pick it off the shelf.

Child Safe

This goes without saying, but all of our blinds comply with the BBSA (British Blind and Shutter Association) child safety requirements. This means all blinds come with a tie down safety cord and wall cleat. The simple act of tying the cords back can make all the difference to small children and pets. This means you can install our blinds with confidence in children’s bedrooms or anywhere around the house. All we ask is that when installing you follow the instructions and don’t skip installing the child safe cleat.

“Theres more to roller blinds than meets the eye”

We are continually bringing you more fabrics and offering a wide range of all blind types. With our blinds we have several different options to choose from, from blackout, floral, through to thinner voile roller blinds. We have them all. With new blinds being added each week it’s easy to see how we are the fastest growing online blind retailer in the UK.

One thing we love to shout about is our free sample service. We offer these on every fabric or slat available on our site. These are posted out to you by first class post to be with you the next working day. This means you can choose as many fabrics as you like to help you select the right one – we are happy to suggest options for you too, so if you are after a certain shade of Green, why not ask our support team for their recommendations and see what they come up with.

Sample fabrics in a stack

Blackout Roller Blinds

These are a ideal way to help you get a better night’s sleep. Blackout blinds are best used in your bedroom as they block light (like a street light) helping you get a deeper sleep. Blackout blinds can also be used in any room, like a living room, as they can help block any glare coming in onto your TV. This also gives you extra privacy, ideal if your front room faces onto a pavement. With blackout blinds coming in both roller and vertical options, you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to choose.

Dimout Roller Blinds

This is the term given to any roller blind that isn’t blackout, all blinds will help dim the light entering the room, but depending on how thick they are will change the amount of light they allow in. A common way to utilise blinds is to install a thinner roller blind for privacy and then have curtains on the outside. Roller blinds are one of the most useful and versatile blinds available and with this double layering you can create a soft and homely look around the window. Dimout blinds are useful in any room in the home and it really comes down to personal preference where they are installed. Some people are happy to have them in their bedroom, whilst others struggle with anything other than a pitch black room.

Voile Roller Blinds

These are a very thin type of roller blind, use these as a replacement for net curtains. Coming in a range of neutral colours these blinds are great for windows facing onto a road or for anyone wanting privacy, but lots of light at the same time.  Just beware that during the day you will be able to see out, whilst preventing people seeing in. But when it’s dark outside and light inside the effect is reversed – so always use voile blinds alongside something a bit thicker to give you the privacy you deserve.

Moisture Resistant Roller Blinds

What good would we be if we didn’t offer any roller blind options for your bathroom? With the humidity and chance of getting wet, it takes a special type of fabric to be able to withstand the harsher bathroom environment. On all of our product pages, you will see what rooms we recommend your blind to go into. These are based on our knowledge of the product, of course, you can put any blind in any room – but some are a little better than others in certain rooms. For example, the Splash range is perfect for the bathroom, the thicker roman blinds don’t fare quite so well if they get a bit damp. We have dedicated a whole article to bathroom blinds which you can find here.

Kitchen Roller Blinds

If you are looking for some made to measure kitchen blinds then you are in the right place. Kitchens are the hub of the home and so depending on the look and feel you are going for will depend on the style you choose. If you are installing the blind above your kitchen sink then it may be worth having a look at our moisture resistant blinds. These will be able to withstand and splashes that may occur.

How to install roller blinds

Once you’ve bought your blinds and they turn up at your door, you’re going to need to know how to install your roller blinds. We send out a full set of instructions with every blind, but we have also put together a helpful video on how to install, and a page full of instructions for you to read over too. At Make My BLinds we have made the install process as simple as possible.

With everything we do at Make My Blinds we are on a mission to make things simple. So we have put together this video explaining all about our roller blinds so that you can see exactly what we mean when we say we care about quality.

Check out our video that explains all about our roller blinds